A social conscious holding company named Orthogonal Inc. has announced the launch of their equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder, the Kickstarter for investing.

Who is Orthogonal Inc. 

Orthogonal is an operating company and collective group that invests and incubates companies in future-forward industries. Their primary industries of interest are cannabis, hemp, food science, plant medicine, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.  Their mission is to create good in the world through businesses that will make a positive impact on people and the planet.

To date, Orthogonal has 28 companies within their holdings. They have already raised $653k+ from over 304 Wefunder investors. Through their fundraising efforts, they have formed a joint venture called Orthogonal Collective with crypto partners BlockchainSaw and Verma Media. Both crypto partners have been involved in over 50+ ICOs. Together they will deploy strategic capital into seed stage cannabis companies through their ICO raise. With these funds, they intend on helping cannabis companies transition and grow from the black and grey
market into the regulated marijuana market.

Now, when looking at their cannabis and hemp companies in their portfolio, you will notice many familiar names such as Randy’s Remedy (hemp-based products powered by Cannaka), California Dreamin’ (low dose cannabis sodas), Confident Cannabis (facilitates legal cannabis lab testing for producers and retailers), and Meadow (all-in-one cannabis dispensary POS and medical marijuana delivery app).

The Founders

David Nikzad, Founder
David Nikzad is the founder of Orthogonal. As an active investor in start-ups and emerging companies for the last fifteen years, with his initial start to investing in Betterment, the $5B fund, an original investor in Y Combinator companies starting in 2009, and founder of Reinmkr Satsang. This path showed his true strengths in bringing viability, profitability, and successful team building which soon aligned him into venture capital and the creation of Orthogonal.

Jason Hobson, Founder
Jason is one of the original Founders at Orthogonal and started Reinmkr Capital, an angel seed investment fund with David back in 2010. Jason is a serial entrepreneur, active angel investor, a partner at Hobson, Bernardino & Davis, LLP and was a former attorney with Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.

Helene Servillon, Co-Founder
Helene was brought on as a later Co-Founder to develop Orthogonal’s strategic partnerships and grow their ecosystem of holdings. She is a connector-of-dots with a pedigree in working at and advising multi-million dollar startups in business development, partnerships, sales, and customer success. Helene was recently at an enterprise speech analytics tech company, VoiceBase and leading lifestyle bike brand Pure Cycles. Her past corporate clients include the likes of Amazon, Twilio, Home Depot, Facebook, and Google.

Investment Opportunity

The mission of the company is to bring a new type of investment model that serves the greater good and the best interest of society with the importance of profits aligning within the mission.

Not only will they invest in a diverse portfolio of companies, but they are also providing an opportunity for accredited and non-accredited investors to stand behind Orthogonal and their outlook when it comes to investing. This means that anyone can go and invest at little as $100 into Orthogonal and into their portfolio of companies. To learn more check out the launch of their equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder.

Following their mission of investing in companies who help create good in the world, they also want to align themselves with investors who understand the monetary benefits of investing in projects that make a positive impact on the world.

We spoke with the team at Orthogonal Thinker to gain even more insight into the mission, the company, and the fund.  

DCN: Thank you for joining us today. Let’s jump right to it, why did Orthogonal decide to go through the route of crowdfunding?

Orthogonal: Many of our initial investments were funded through personal capital. To grow Orthogonal, we decided to go the route of raising capital through equity crowdfunding versus traditional venture funding as we did not want to be controlled by institutional investors. We strongly believe in democratizing wealth by giving access to accredited, as well as non-accredited investors to participate in early-stage investing. We are also investors in Wefunder, the Kickstarter for investing and support the vision of the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act. Our intention is to give power to the people.

DCN: Outside of the specific industries, you are looking to invest in; what is essential when looking at these companies you will choose to invest in?

Orthogonal: We work with emerging companies with proven revenue, and start-ups with little more than a brilliant idea growing in an untapped market. This fiscal balance is a part of our successful strategy. We’re looking to empower founders and leaders who have good intentions, bold visions to disrupt their industries, and operate with compliance and full transparency.

We also consider each company’s outlook on conscious capitalism as it often yields lucrative insight. When qualifying a company by its potential for positive social impact, a surprising thing happens – these businesses attract customers through a deep emotional connection. They raise awareness at a higher level and gain organic exposure rapidly with consumers and partners.

DCN: Are you actively looking for companies to partner and invest in?

Orthogonal: Absolutely – we invest in businesses and also create our own through joint ventures with strategic partners. We currently have 28 companies under our holdings and will be adding at least a dozen more to our Ohana this year, primarily through our ICO venture which is called Orthogonal Collective. We’re focused on socially conscious companies that operate in future-forward industries such as cannabis, hemp, tech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, healthy foods and wellness brands.

DCN: Now that is exciting and a diverse yet strategic route, what are the best next steps to reach out to the Orthogonal team?

Orthogonal: You can email us directly at investors@orthogonalthinker.com. We’re excited to connect and answer your questions.

DCN: Orthogonal is launching a cannabis-related ICO this year, how does an ICO bring added value to Orthogonal?

Orthogonal: What we speak about right now is that we will deploy strategic capital, compliance and payment solutions into a very fragmented industry. It also allows us to mitigate our own risk and that of our investors as we can audit our holdings to make sure that they are operating with regulated licenses.

DCN: What benefit does an ICO token sale provide to investors?

Orthogonal: If you have ever invested in a private company, you know all too well that it can take seven to ten years to have an exit and realize an ROI on your investment. Tokens provide liquidity that brings the investment model into the 21st Century. This gives investors the ability to have the upside of investing in private companies, with the liquidity that in the past has only been available to publicly traded companies.

DCN: What’s the best way for readers to follow your ICO launch?

Orthogonal: Subscribe to our newsletter on orthogonalthinker.com to stay up to date on our ICO launch plans and latest news.

DCN: Thank you for sharing with the DCN community more about Orthogonal, the mission, and more on the fund. 

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