The 1st Cannabis Conference on Tech, Investment and Media – New West Summit 2016

Are you interested in learning about the game-changing developments in technology, investment and media in the cannabis industry? New West Summit is the first conference to focus exclusively on the game-changing, disruptive developments in technology, science, media and investment within the Cannabis space. With over 100 Exhibitors, 50 Panels, 150 Speakers, an Investment Symposium, Career Fair, Hack-A-Thon and more, we bring together the best and the brightest international entrepreneurs, thought leaders, top-level investors, innovative brand developers and creators to look at what’s next.

This year’s presenting sponsors are:

Steep Hill
Event Highlights & Speakers
Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, Entrepreneur, International Business Mogul & Philanthropist
Susan Bennett, “The Voice of Siri”
Dave Morin, Founder & Partner of Slow Ventures
Steve DeAngelo – Founder of Harborside Health Center. Named by Fortune Magazine as of the top cannabis industry leaders.
Aeron Sullivan, Founder & CEO of Tradiv
Dr Sue Sisley, Psychiatrist and leading medical marijuana researcher
See the event schedule for a complete list of panel topics and featured guest speakers
More than 30 exhibitors including ArcView Group, Eaze, Poseidon, Leafly, Viridian, Merry Jane & more!
Summit panels are co-produced by Brian Zisk of San Francisco, founder of the iconic SF Music Tech Summit

Cannabis Career & Job Fair – Presented by Bloom Farms
Bloom Farms is a one for one San Francisco-based Medical Cannabis company specializing in all-natural CO2 extracted cannabis oil. The firm is focused on strengthening the medical cannabis industry, fortifying industry growth, and forging deeper alliances by bringing like-minded people together to create a true cannabis community. Bringing their highly esteemed Cannabis Career & Job Fair to New West Summit, a highly successful outcome is expected as Bloom Farms’ recent events hosted dozens of top employers in the cannabis industry, attracted over 2800 potential employees and made more than 250 job matches!

Watch Full DCNTV Video!

0:41- 3:00 Susan Bennett, Voice of Siri
3:08- 4:52 Samantha Miller, Chief Science Officer, HMBLDT
4:58- 7:12 Amber Senter, COO, Magnolia Wellness
7:13- 7:20 Introduction to our new DCNTV Host, Sydney Day of DCN
7:26- 7:44 Rachel Dugas from FireFly Vaporizer
7:49- 7:58 David Champion of Baker
7:59- 8:25 Dr. Jonathan Cachet of Fleurish Farms

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