Meet NanoSphere Health, a company based in Denver, Colorado, family owned and operated, is successfully growing business with doctors around the United States excited to utilize the company’s technologies for pain treatment. Check out part one for more information on Nanosphere Health. The purpose of this article is to update our readers on the signing of a Binding Merger Agreement with Canadian exploration company Corazon Gold Corp. for 100 percent acquisition of NanoSphere’s issued and outstanding shares.

Below are responses from NanoSphere’s team on this recent announcement, to learn about their acquisition, check out here.

Can you please share more information on this investment and how it created this partnership between Corazon and Nanosphere?

Corazon Corp states on its’ website, they are a Canadian based exploration company currently looking to acquire high-potential gold and silver assets in stable mining jurisdictions worldwide — How did these two companies come together?

NanoSphere: Corazon Gold Corp is a public shell company that was looking for investment opportunities. We began our initial discussions last December, and are excited that the news is now official. With cannabis expected to be legally available throughout Canada by mid-2018, both organizations thought this was the right time to pursue the reverse takeover. We appreciate Corazon’s deep knowledge of the capital markets in Canada, and their vision for the future of both NanoSphere, and the legal cannabis market in Canada. Corazon was enthused by our unique technology, and the opportunities our clinically tested solutions will provide.

When will further details be released on who will be managing operations for Nanosphere? Will the original team be kept on or new management?

NanoSphere: The transaction was a reverse takeover, whereby NanoSphere will gain controlling interest of the public company. Through the reverse takeover, NanoSphere is now also in the process of submitting a listing statement to the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). This move provides greater flexibility to the company while developing revenue streams.

NanoSphere Health Sciences’ original team will remain intact. Our headquarters will continue to be in the Denver Tech Center, with our research and development facility in Evergreen, Colorado.

What are the multiple patents that Nanosphere is awaiting approval on?

NanoSphere: We have three patents-pending for each our divisions – Nutraceutical, NSAID, and Cannabis.

  • Patent-pending 61/890,773: Nutraceutical Delivery Utilizing Nanoparticle Compositions
  • Patent-pending 62/091,994: Nanoparticle Encapsulation To Treat And Prevent Global Inflammation And Pain
  • Patent-pending 62/130,775: Lipid Nanoparticle Compositions and Methods as Carriers of Cannabinoids

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