Molly Peckler Discusses What It Means to be a Cannabis-Friendly Life Coach and Dating Expert

This month on DCN Talks, we had the honor of sitting down with Molly Peckler, Founder of Highly Devoted.

Molly Peckler is the world’s first cannabis-friendly Life Coach and Dating Expert. Molly founded Highly Devoted in 2015, and she dedicates her practice to cannabis consumers around the world who defy the stoner stigma. She specializes in helping clients build lasting confidence by implementing logical strategies for achieving their goals.

More about Molly Peckler:

Meet Molly Peckler, she has dedicated her practice to cannabis consumers around the world who defy the stoner stigma. She genuinely cares about helping cannabis consumers gain confidence, achieve goals and find love with a partner who accepts them for who they are.

Molly utilizes her warmth, positive outlook, emotional intelligence, and empathy to make anyone feel comfortable opening up, and gain a new perspective. As a proud cannabis enthusiast, she understands its profound medical benefits and its ability to enhance lives and relationships.

She is happily married to a fellow cannabis consumer, and her relationship with her husband inspires her to help others find the happiness, confidence, and love she gets to experience every day. Molly is dedicated to shattering outdated cannabis stereotypes, and she is passionate about legalizing cannabis.

Molly has a degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois and spent time working as a Professional Matchmaker and a Cannabis Consultant before founding Highly Devoted in 2015.

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