Last week MJBizCon celebrated its most successful event yet as over 18,120 people from across the world came to the Las Vegas Convention Center to hear new insights about the industry and discover the latest companies entering the space. 2017’s conference brought over 110 speakers and 678 exhibitors across 100,000+ square feet. MJBizCon grew by 67% compared to last year, which is an important indication of not only the industry’s fast-paced growth but the mainstream involvement and acceptance of marijuana’s future.

This conference is no lifestyle gathering, as you will find people who are serious about business from startups to well-established brands looking to open their doors to opportunity. MJBizCon brings together these groups, business thought leaders, investors and more in supporting and discussing the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry worldwide.

Ranking as the fastest-growing trade show in the country and attracting more attendees than most mainstream industry gatherings, there are plenty of reasons MJBizCon is an event you don’t want to miss. It has become the place to meet people in the industry from all over the world. Do your homework before any big event like this and see who will be there – it is likely you will find someone you would like to meet.

DCN’s founder and CEO, Adelia Carrillo, suggests going with a plan and establishing personal goals, whether it be finding new clients, making a sales order or making new potential business connections. Robert Kiyosaki said it best, “The richest people in the world look to expand their networks while everyone else looks for work.” It is a well-known fact that 80% of work or business is acquired through your network efforts. Events such as these allow you to build your network and in turn, your net worth. After all, as the saying goes, your net worth is equal is to your network.

The conference after parties are some of the best places to network and meet new people in the industry. Event planners strive to make these parties a relaxed experience where networking comes a little bit easier, hosting them at various clubs, private homes, bars and speakeasies on and off the Vegas strip. The key to successful networking is making a small personal connection with someone – it shouldn’t be all about business upon first meeting. Find something that you have in common and run with it. One can find out about the conference after party events through social media, word of mouth, and partnerships with MJBizCon.

Keynote speakers at MJBizCon included

  • George Blankenship former executive and marketing mastermind behind Tesla Motors, Apple Computers, and Gap.
  • Jeanne Sullivan, an expert at “go to market” plans and co-founder of NYC-based venture capital firm StarVest Partners.
  • Chris Walsh, the vice president of editorial and strategic development for Marijuana Business Daily.
  • Kenneth Walsh, Chief White House Correspondent for 30+ years for U.S. News & World Report.

The biggest show buzz this year was about California, whose estimated $4B market kicks off January 2018. People are looking toward California as a leader with the hope they’ll figure out certain legislative issues, such as banking – everyone is watching to see what happens next. Adelia is hopeful and excited for 2018 but also advises to prepare for the future with due diligence, to get your business in proper order and position yourself the best you can by understanding the market and what competition you face.

Marijuana’s future in the U.S. is bright, however, “there is still a lot of work to be done. We need to teach and educate; there’s a reason we are all in this-this plant is more than just a dollar sign,” Adelia said. California is positioned as a leader to define what’s next for the industry as it comes into its own on a national scale. Innovation will be key to shaping the industry’s next moves. Education will be important as a mainstream audience grows to accept change. Most notably, though, is how we all can be of support to positively advance the nation’s stance overall.

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Kayla Bass
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