Adelia Carrillo
CEO/ Co-Founder

Adelia Carrillo is the CEO/Co-founder of Direct Cannabis Network. Her roots were built in the consumer electronics industry with a background in business development, sales, and marketing. Through her own personal journey of being a patient, she soon found herself studying the industry as a whole and found that the industry was missing a focus on the cannabis entrepreneurs, innovation, and technology. This is where her journey of developing Direct Cannabis Network began. Adelia being a natural born leader strives to motivate, inspire, lead and build a community and voice for the cannabis entrepreneurs and startups.

Lucia Napolez

Lucia’s current mission in life is to educate herself and others on developing a better sense of self awareness in all environments. After graduating from San Diego State University in 2014, she went on to pursue careers in marketing and project management that ranged from creating and executing marketing campaigns designed for government and private clients to now utilizing those skills and experience in her role as one of the co-founders for Direct Cannabis Network. 

Emily Tran
Director of Business Operations and Finance

Emily Tran is mission and goal oriented, dedicated and compassionate individual. Her experience in the Healthcare industry as a nurse has challenged her to adapt to multiple situations and has provided her with the experience necessary to allow her to continue to learn and grow as an leader.

Transparency, honesty, flexibility, and empathy are her key attributes. She is a firm believer that "successful people build each other up," that each of us should continue to motivate, inspire and push each other on this journey. The vision for DCN has inspired her to not only take the leap of faith into a new industry but has also given her the opportunity to truly embrace the entrepreneurial journey.

Stephen Sanderlin
Director of Video Production

Stephen Sanderlin is a videographer & photographer specializing in new media and documentary film. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in commercial film production from Brooks Institute in Southern California is a US Army Veteran and an award-winning filmmaker. As an advocate for forwarding thinking and entrepreneurship, Stephen’s achievements are only shadowed by his passion for filmmaking and informative media.

Veronica Mitchell
MultiMedia Sales Representative

Veronica Mitchell is a writer, consultant, and speaker based in San Diego. She was the founder of two successful corporations in Vail, Colorado and San Diego. Before owning her own businesses, she was the General Manager of Restaurants and Music Venues. She has a passion for business development, writing, and cannabis wellness. She works as an advocate for women, seniors, and caregivers. Veronica writes her column, Ask Veronica, for The San Diego Union-tribune focusing on aging and caregiving.

Veronica is a sought-after Public Speaker because of her genuine approach that combines her excellent verbal, emotional, and social intelligence with her funny sense of humor and curiosity for life.   

Robert Cohen
MultiMedia Sales Representative

My passion in life is to help people do what they do best; what people love and are passionate about. I am passionate about turning ideas into reality and making a tangible difference in this world. I'm an entrepreneur, creator, and a learner.

Monique Davis
MultiMedia Sales Representative
Monique Davis is a sales professional by accident. After working in the non-profit arena for over 10 years in outreach and marketing, she transferred those skills to start her sales career in the for-profit industry in 2014. After a health scare that same year, Monique transformed not only her career but her outlook toward health and wellness. She is an advocate for cannabis and women's health. Her current mission is to combine her passion for the industry with her sales and marketing experience to help grow the Direct Cannabis Network brand.