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Meet Startup Stoners Podcast

On this Outside-In, with DCN we spoke with Co-Founders, Cody Chase and Brettski of the Startup Stoners Podcast.

Startup Stoners

DCN: Cody and Brettski, I was so excited to learn more about Startup Stoners Podcast, to kick this off, can you please share with our readers a little bit more about you both?

Cody Chase: Brett and I first met when we both took a leap of faith to leave the ordinary corporate world behind. I left Apple and Brett left corporate finance after graduating from college. For 2 years together we helped build a cannabis company from the ground up in Aspen, Colorado. After the CEO who brought us both on had to leave the firm because of complications with M.S., Brett was promoted from assisting the CEO to CEO, while I was the Director of Marketing.

While in Colorado, we recognized two unmet needs in the cannabis marketplace. A need for premium child-resistant packaging for pre-rolls and a need for collection services in cannabis. This is where the ideas for our 2 startups began: PAQ Ltd. and CannaBIZ Collects LLC. PAQ is the world’s first air-tight, child-resistant, a container for pre-rolls, and CannaBIZ Collects is the nation’s leading cannabis collection and AR management agency. We now work full time building the businesses.

DCN: Can you share the backstory of Startup Stoners Podcast and how this idea evolved?

Cody Chase: We started Startup Stoners Podcast as a place to share our journey, and as well as share stories from other entrepreneurs in the cannabis space to show our listeners that the hardest part to being an entrepreneur is to get out there and get sh*t done! (That beyond the effort, it’s not that hard). As young entrepreneurs in an exciting industry, many of our friends and family have asked us to share what we were going through.

DCN: What is the mission of Startup Stoners Podcast?

Cody Chase: To share stories of other entrepreneurs, while giving insight into the blossoming cannabis industry and to motivate those interested in becoming entrepreneurs themselves, to get out there and do it, cannabis space or others.

DCN: What do you envision for Startup Stoners Podcast growth plans in 2018?

Cody Chase: We plan to interview top leaders in the space and celebrities involved in cannabis as well as continue to share new developments and insights into our blossoming start-ups.

DCN: Since the initial launch, what insight, tips or advice have you learned through your current lineup of interviews that you would like to share with our audience?

Cody Chase: The main takeaway from what we’ve seen and wanted to all to know is action. No matter what entrepreneur, it takes action and initiative to set yourself apart from the rest and become successful. Momentum is the hardest part. Sometimes you just have to get that lazy ass off the couch, and get out there and make your dreams come true for yourself. No one hands your dreams to you, you have to go work for it.

DCN: What has been one of the hardest challenges for launching a podcast?

Cody Chase: We have struggled with software/equipment since we record the podcasts remotely and not every guest is tech savvy.

DCN: Do you have certain kind of qualifications when it comes to who you interview?

Cody Chase: We have very limited qualifications. We truly want to share stories of any and every “Startup Stoner” no matter their level of success or stage of business (as long as they have some good stories to tell!!). We keep our show loose, informal, and entertaining.

DCN: Who is someone you would love the opportunity to interview on Startup Stoners Podcast?

Cody Chase: We would love to interview Jeff Sessions and find out what the hell is wrong with him!

DCN: When reviewing your current lineup of interviews, do you see any similarities in the challenges these founders face when it comes to launching a cannabis business?

Cody Chase: We definitely see issues with cash constraints and competence regarding compliance/regulations.

DCN: As we all start fresh for the new year, what is the best piece of advice you would like to share with your fellow entrepreneurs?

Cody Chase: To enjoy the journey. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the small things that create stress in your life. Entrepreneurship is like sailing. It’s about the journey, not about the destination.

DCN: Cody, thank you for sharing with us more about Startup Stoners Podcast and your journey. Before we let you go, anything you would like to share with the DCN audience?

Cody Chase: We would love to share our story not only working directly for a cannabis grow, MIP, and dispensary, as well as the pros/cons pursuing our own business.

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