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The launch of any new product is a difficult but exciting time for any company, particularly if they are newcomers in a particular industry. There are many aspects that go into the making of the product, and we know the importance of consumer demand for getting every single aspect right. The one thing that many companies neglect, however, is a quality product label. But it’s one of the most crucial things about launching any new product.

Perceptions of different products depend not only on marketing but also on the product label included with the item. In short, it is your sales pitch to your potential consumer and it can make all the difference between a buy or a pass.

This is where Graphic Interfaces comes in. Graphic Interfaces design and manufacture custom labels and printed products. Whether you already have artwork on hand or would like to develop a concept, their on-site graphics department can turn your ideas into a beautiful work of art that will enhance your products

About Graphic Interfaces

Graphic Interfaces provides custom printing: labels, flexible packaging, bags, boxes, point of purchase displays, etc. Everything that we provide is custom to the customer, we make everything fit your desired packaging.

About the Founder

graphic interfacesRoberto was born in Guaymas Sonora, Mexico (1963). As a child, he grew up in Mexico City, attended Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Estado de Mexico. In 1985, he moved to San Diego in the summer to work in the family business. In 1990, Roberto Left the family business, worked for a Colwell Merchandising, Inc. (a carpet sample company) 1991-1997 as Purchasing/Estimating Manager; worked for Saft America (a re-chargeable battery plant) 1997-1999 as Consumer Products Buyer; at that time, Graphic Interfaces was his label supplier.

In 1999 the owner of Graphic Interfaces offered me an opportunity to come and work for him in their Sales Department. I worked under him for 5 years, in 2004, he was ready to retire and offered me the opportunity to purchase the company. I have been running it since.

Meet The Professional: Roberto M. Ancira of Graphic Interfaces

DCN: Why should businesses invest in custom labels for their product?

Roberto Ancira: We realize that labels serve many purposes, such as providing information on the contents of your product or instructions for its use. Furthermore, labels represent your corporate identity.

DCN: How did you help decide what packaging and labels to use for your products?

Roberto Ancira: What is the purpose of the product, what is going to be used for, shelf life, how is it going to be promoted, etc.

DCN: What key features make an effective product label?

Roberto Ancira: Proper sizing, right material(s), design and proper content.

DCN: Where do you see Graphic Interfaces going?

Roberto Ancira: We have been servicing multiple industries since our inception. I believe that we can be a great addition to the Cannabis Industry and would like to expand our services to meet the ever-changing packaging requirements that the Cannabis Industry is being faced with.

DCN: How can a brand better prepare before reaching out to Graphic Interfaces?

Roberto Ancira: We always ask our customer to provide us examples of things they like from other products even if they are not from the same industry. We also like to have examples of things they don’t like from other products. What is their color scheme and or Corporate colors so that we can incorporate them into the designs (if we are going to assist with the design portion of their packaging). We don’t have to provide the design in order to assist them, we offer our graphic design services as an ancillary service to them.

DCN: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Roberto Ancira: Bringing the customer concept into a reality as well as helping them develop their product dreams.

DCN: What is one piece of advice in your industry you would give to business owners?

Roberto Ancira: There are many people that offer packaging services, make sure that you connect with your vendor and that they have your best interest at heart. Sometimes the cheapest company is not necessarily the best one; keep in mind that on-time delivery, as well as correct product, has a value as well. In our case, the difference is the service and care that I provide to my customers.

Product labeling do’s and dont’s

by Roberto of Graphic Interfaces

Make sure that the label is sized correctly and to the container, even though the container might be a 1 oz. bottle, they are sizing differences from each company.

Make sure you leave enough room at the top and bottom to not make them to big and leave a small gap on the wrap around section so you don’t overlap the label.

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