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There is no single greater value to a company than having people talk about it. Where advertising sends a fixed message that you pay handsomely for, public relations creates an objective conversation about your company or brand for a fraction of the cost. Advertising lends little to no credibility to your brand, whereas editorial is independently verified by a trusted third party and is a thousand times more valuable.

If you’ve pondered the reasons why you might need a PR firm or talked yourself into reasons why you don’t need a PR firm, here are five good reasons why you definitely do.

  • Compete with your competitors
  • Building brand recognition
  • Stay relevant
  • Bridge the language with journalists
  • Increase your ROI

Wondering where to start, this is where JVPRNY comes in. With decades of experience and a great track record of successfully communicating the value of public and private companies in the emerging growth space, JVPRNY continues to boldly pioneer new methods of reaching your target audience.


JV Public Relations NY is a boutique minority-women-owned public relations firm specializing in emerging growth companies. Our agency provides a suite of services including corporate communications, social media, and financial public relations services, for a variety of organizations including public cannabis companies.

Meet the Founder

Janet VasquezJanet has over two decades of public relations experience including launching and spearheading major PR healthcare initiatives for companies such as Pfizer, CDC, and GlaxoSmithKline. In 2012, she joined investment bank, Rodman & Renshaw when the firm acquired The Investor Relations Group (IRG), a boutique NYC-based investor relations/public relations firm, where she served as director for an influential PR practice within the firm for ten years. She has worked on over 100 major campaigns in the areas of oncology, immunology, neurology, vaccines, medical devices, medical technology, national consumer health and wellness campaigns in the past 15 years. Other areas of specialization include green technology, finance, real estate, consumer technology, and homeland security, Janet is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She is an active member of several-biotechnology and public relations groups including serving as the Membership Vice Chair for the Women in Bio – Metro New York Chapter. Janet is an active member of the Hispanic Public Relations Association in NY. In the cannabis sector, Janet is an active member of Women Grow and Marijuana Business Association (MJBA).

Meet the Professional: Janet Vasquez of JVPRNY

DCN: What is your organization’s greatest achievement in the last year?

Janet Vasquez: There have been several achievements including signing on Weekend Unlimited and being part of their major milestone when they became the new owner of the ticker “Pot”.

We recently joined the cannabis advertising agency 420MEDIA as a strategic partner to provide public relations services to cannabis companies of all sizes. This alliance allows us to broaden our services to add digital marketing, content creation, and multimedia distribution outlets to our suite of services.

DCN: When should a business or brand start looking at hiring a PR & Marketing agency?

Janet Vasquez: When we speak to cannabis companies looking to get into the capital markets, we remind CEOs that investors looking for their next play or consumers searching for a cannabis product or service often can only differentiate one from another by the articles it finds. An investor or consumer relies on the credibility of a media outlet as an endorsement of a source as serious and qualified.  This becomes a powerful marketing tool. For cannabis business and startups, they need to communicate they are reliable, dedicated to quality, and adhere to the other attributes of serious commerce. One of the most effective actions a cannabis company can take to prove itself to the market as a well-run business is through a thoughtful, well planned and executed public relations campaign.

DCN: In repping cannabis brands, what do you look for in a client?

Janet Vasquez: We really enjoy working with brands that have trailblazers at the helm. We like to delve into our CEO’s backstory. The cannabis industry is riddled with hurdles. What story does this CEO have that will make this CEO, the one to take her or his company forward? Our mission is to help amplify your story, you have the opportunity to tell your story, through a journalist.

DCN: What top questions should a cannabis entrepreneur ask when they are looking to hire a PR firm?

Janet Vasquez: I encourage cannabis entrepreneurs to ask their agency do they know how to work with a public cannabis company. There are very strict guidelines when promoting public cannabis stocks versus promoting brands. A good agency should be able to wear both hats.

DCN: Why do you think it is more valuable for a cannabis brand to work with a boutique PR firm over a large agency?

Janet Vasquez: Without a doubt. Smaller agencies like ours provide what I like to call  “high touch” services. Either my partner, Bill Bongiorno or I will be the same faces when we first meet and will be the same faces each day we work together. This is the key advantage of working with a smaller firm.

DCN: What would you say are the greatest misconceptions about the field of public relations and marketing?

Janet Vasquez: One misconception is that you are going to get traction all the time. There was a time where cannabis firms could get traction on news releases simply because there were a smaller pool of companies and media outlets covering the sector. But now that has changed as now more cannabis companies competing for attention. In fact, placements are no longer guaranteed.  Everyone now is courting the cannabis press more than ever.

DCN: What does JVPRNY have in store for 2019?

Janet Vasquez: As a Latina business owner, we are eyeing the Latin American market. This is going to be a huge opportunity for our agency. That’s a huge goal in 2019!

DCN: Janet, thank you for sharing your insight with the DCN community. 

5 tips for a cannabis company to get media attention

By Janet Vasquez of JVPRNY

Share your talent: Use it become a trusted source to journalists covering cannabis. Offer yourself for the next story on cultivation, supply chain, sales, etc for example.

Learn how to tell your company service or product story in a compelling manner. It takes practice so work on it.

Is your company part of a bigger picture? Determine how your company can be involved in breaking news related to cannabis.

Plan ahead and take advantage of state milestones! If your business is located in states moving into full recreational like New Jersey and New York, make sure your business has plans to take advantage of this important milestone! Reporters want to get your view!

Think local. Make sure you know and are in touch with your local press. Invite them in, offer yourself as an expert. This is where your clients live, so don’t discount hyperlocal press.

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