Meet Our Contributors
Hunter Wilson

Meet Hunter Wilson, he comes from our friends at, he shares his experience and knowledge on what’s happening behind the scenes on the grower side of the cannabis industry. Learn more about Hunter, visit

Candy Adams
"Booth Mom"

Candy Adams CTSM, CEM, CMP, CMM, a.k.a. "The Booth Mom®", founder of Trade Show Consulting. Candy is a veteran freelance consultant/exhibit project manager for companies who don’t have a full-time exhibit manager. With a passion for cutting industry rookies' learning curve and exhibit costs, she provides one-on-one pre-show coaching and on-site exhibit management training to new exhibitors. 

Law Offices of Omar Figueroa

Law Offices of Omar Figueroa has committed itself to the growth and success of the commercial cannabis industry through quality legal representation. They specialize in the laws related to the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and sale of cannabis products, both medical and recreational. Whether your business is a startup in need of business formations and licensing or an established competitor in need of regulatory guidance and contract creation – they are here to help your business thrive. Not only do they stay apprised of the myriad state and local regulations evolving throughout the state and its fifty-eight counties, they work with government bodies and industry members to improve law and policy relating to cannabis.

Robert Grossman

Meet Robert Grossman, founder and chief service designer at Grappling Hook, the cannabis industry’s first service design consultancy. Robert has over a decade of experience improving services for successful start-ups. His intersects user experience, branding, business strategy, operations, and innovation. In each Monthly Morning Smoke Break, he shares with DCN readers a tool that they can use to stay focused, strategic, and adaptable in the evolving cannabis market.

Abe Cohn

Abe Cohn manages THC Legal Group, a team of Marijuana Lawyers specializing in legal protection for the cannabis industry. For more information, please visit their website.

Max Meade

Meet Max Meade, he shares with DCN readers his knowledge on how having the proper insurance coverage can save your business on a rainy day. His passion for advising cannabis business owners is inspired by an experience that happened to a close family friend that enlightened Max to the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Learn more about Max’s experience, visit his LinkedIn.

Kat & Laurie

Meet Kat and Laurie, they share with DCN readers their experience and knowledge transitioning from the pharmaceutical and medical device industries into the emerging cannabis industry. Their combined 30 year knowledge and experience provides DCN readers with a look into their journey on helping transform an emerging cannabis industry into a regulated and compliant industry.

Sara Gullickson

Meet Sara Gullickson, she shares with DCN readers her experiences and knowledge on how local states entering the cannabis industry are making efforts to build out an infrastructure for entrepreneurs seeking to become fully licensed and compliant dispensary owners in their state. To learn more about Sarah’s experience, visit

Colby McKenzie

Meet Colby McKenzie, he shares with DCN readers his background and expertise in strategic growth. As a c-suite executive at Eyechronic, an in-dispensary television network, he witnesses the dynamic nature of the cannabis industry first hand as he works to ensure that the company is rapidly growing to keep up with demand while also keeping an eye towards the future for potential add-on acquisitions and exit possibilities. To learn more, visit

Courtney Freeman

Meet Courtney Freeman, she shares with DCN readers her expertise in multi-media product marketing. Courtney is well-positioned to provide insightful tips on promoting your business or product. She’s also a fellow entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, currently she is the CEO of White Buffalo Cannabis! Learn more about Courtney’s business, visit

Jay Hunter

Jay Hunter is the Founder and CEO of Green Cure Capital, Inc. Playing to the strengths of his business skills across multiple industries, including large corporations, medium to small business and commercial real estate. Jay amassed a team of business professionals, including tapping into the knowledge and craftsmanship of over a thousand cannabis industry experts and strategic partners under the Green Cure Capital brand, who vet and identify potential investment opportunities. Jay is a contributor of articles that focus on investment, real estate, structured finance and deal evaluation for the cannabis industry.

Joe Khoury

Meet Joe Khoury, he shares with DCN readers his experience in launching, managing, and growing four canna-brands/brands that focused on maximizing digital ROI & scaling of sales on a budget. Joe's passion is growing businesses and helping others hack business growth. Learn more about Joe’s business, visit

Sarah Sanger

Sarah Sanger graduated from Duke University in 2003 with a Bachelors in Economics. She has extensive experience with third-party tools and data sources as well as hands-on analysis to support financial and regulatory risk management objectives. She is an investor-member in Arcview, active in many cannabis trade organizations and is a CA licensed real estate salesperson, alongside running an outsourced CFO service called Green Light CFO.

Cindy Nevarez

Meet Lucinda (“Cindy”) Nevarez is a professional copywriter directing her time on creating a better world for cannabis companies. She helps companies by getting their customers to take action through persuasive writing. Currently, she’s working on building her digital marketing agency, Organic Marketer, within the natural herbal industry. Learn more on Cindy, visit her LinkedIn.

Franco Faraudo

Franco is a writer, investor and real estate professional that specializes in cannabis real estate sales, leasing and financing. He also does content consulting for cannabis and tech companies. Follow him on twitter and medium at @francofaraudo

Bridget Renee

Bridget Renee is the SEO, Marketing, and Project Manager for Kindtyme. Kindtyme is a top-shelf digital design for the cannabis industry.

Kayla Bass

Kayla Bass is a marketing and events planning professional who is a passionate writer and all-around creative individual. Her focus and expertise in business ranges from the non-profit sector to startups and she is excited to see how the cannabis industry blooms. Kayla has a vision for the cannabis industry of accessibility and wellness, and believes the industry will be an important tool to fuel economic growth.

Hannah Simon

Hannah Simon is a Community Marketing Strategist, startup enthusiast, and Co-Founder of Ayah Healing Arts and Yoga Center. She is passionate about empowering others through entrepreneurship and wellness education.

CannaBIZ Collects

Brett Gelfand and Cody Ziering are the founders and managing parters of CannaBIZ Collects LLC. Previously, Gelfand and Ziering together, helped build a Colorado cannabis wholesale operation from the ground up, including an indoor cultivation, edible kitchen, extract lab, and dispensary. During their tenure in Colorado, both executives recognized the burden cannabis, CBD, and ancillary companies were experiencing when releasing credit terms to other cannabis firms. Brett’s father, Attorney Ross Gelfand, joined the CBC team, and together the three started CannaBIZ Collects. Ross has over 30+ years of commercial collection experience and sold his collection agency and law practice in 2012. Brett and Cody convinced Ross to focus his attention on the growing credit and collection trend in the cannabis space.

The Mommy Jane

The Mommy Jane is a doting mother of two girls and walking cannabis success story located out of Orange County, California. After using the cannabis plant medicinally to wean herself off SSRI’s and lose 100 pounds of post baby weight, The Mommy Jane decided to put her face forward on social media and prove to the world that you can use cannabis to live your best life! Her weekly live talks on Instagram showcase other success stories in the cannabis community, and provide insight on what it is like to grow from the ground up in the industry. Using Instagram and her contributions to DCN, The Mommy Jane promises to shine a light on the stigma, for the people and for the plant. You can follow The Mommy Jane daily as she talks consciousness and cannabis on Instagram @themommyjane or visit to find out how cannabis can help you become a success story of your own!

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