The University of Sydney Community Placement Program in Partnership with Budding Tech and MGC Pharmaceuticals developed the Medicinal Cannabis in Australia; Science, Regulation, and Industry White Paper.

This report sets out the key challenges, risks, and opportunities associated with establishing a national medicinal cannabis scheme in Australia. The report is comprised of several sections, each intended to serve as a reference for future policy discussions in the Australian medicinal cannabis industry.

Section 2 begins by discussing the medicinal and scientific aspects of the debate, specifically addressing the evidence supporting medicinal cannabis treatments for various conditions.

Section 3 then examines how medicinal cannabis regulation has been approached internationally, in addition to exploring recent developments and expected challenges for Australia.

Section 4 develops two methodological approaches for estimating the potential domestic demand for medicinal cannabis in Australia.

Section 5 discusses how medicinal cannabis might be regulated in order to encourage industry competition, innovation, and economic growth. Section 6 summarizes the areas in which further future research is required. The report is based on the premise that for an Australian medicinal cannabis program to be successful it must not only deliver high quality and low-cost outcomes to patients but also be both politically and commercially sustainable.

This original source from Budding tech approved the use of this article.

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