Dispensaries are scrambling to be compliant with the historic regulatory changes for the cannabis sector that were recently signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. With these changes comes opportunity.

Meadow, the Y Combinator-backed enterprise, was one of the first delivery apps to hit the cannabis market. Meadow was touted as a direct-to-consumer product. Meadow’s new platform is a software suite formulated for the modern dispensary enterprise- and helping dispensary owners get a head start on the new regulations for California.

“All of these pieces are going to be connected in what becomes a seed-to-sale platform for marijuana that is home-grown in California and delivered by dispensaries for patients in California,” CEO David Hua told TechCrunch.”

Hua graduated from Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California. After meeting with activist Debby Goldsberry of Berkeley Patients Group, Hua was inspired to start his own business. “Everything that she was saying struck a nerve with me–the processes, technology, and logistics for cannabis businesses are archaic and outdated,” Hua said. “She told me about how the current software companies make dispensaries pay an exorbitant amount of money, take advantage of businesses, and are not ideal solutions.

Last May, Meadow officially partnered with Uber rival Sidecar. Meadow also offers house calls for users who don’t want to travel to a doctor for a recommendation. Meadow was the first cannabis startup to graduate from Y Combinator, receiving $120,000 in exchange for a 7 percent stake. Meadow has also partnered with Onfleet for the final step in delivery logistics.

With Meadow’s new platform, budtenders can manage sales, product inventory, and can toggle through weekly and monthly data. Hua openly compares his new platform to GrubHub. “With cannabis, you can be the king or a kingmaker,”  Hua added. “There’s no way that any of the companies we partner with have the skills to build this technology. It’s really expensive.”

Dispensaries pay per month based on consumer turnout on a sliding scale. Read more about Meadow’s new enterprise-focused software platform here.

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