Hundreds of professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries converged at the Marijuana Investor Summit: Cannabis Growth Capital Conference held at the Westgate Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Investors looking to learn more about the opportunities and pitfalls of the industry, startup companies looking for their next round of funding, and the B2B companies that cater to the many aspects of the industry were part of the intimate two-day summit.

Thought leaders and experts in cannabis investment presented on a wide range of session topics, with the keynote speaker Sandra Tiffany of GrowBLOX, and previous member of the Nevada legislature. Ms. Tiffany’s advice on “picking a great business partner” reiterated the importance of thoughtful early partnerships as this industry continues to evolve so rapidly. Investment opportunities within the State of Nevada, conducting due diligence on companies in cannabis, structuring a cannabis business with intent of an IPO offering – the topics were well attended by many looking to “get into cannabis”.

Multiple startups were in attendance, actively soliciting funding and demonstrating their latest technology. PotBotics, creators of PotBot, BrainBot and NanoPot, were sharing their latest product release of PotBot, an intuitive cannabis strain recommendation engine with promises of “effortless, organic conversations” with medical marijuana patients seeking the ideal strain.

CDx was another exciting company enticing investors that week. Creators of the first consumer level portable chemical analyzer – called MyDx – the small device connects to ones smart phone, and 4 types of sensors can test the organic properties of food, air, water and cannabis. A consumer level cannabis testing device has a lot of promise in the wild west of marijuana quality and potency. The cannabis testing device was demonstrated and generated quite a bit of buzz over the week in Vegas.

The Cannabis Growth Capital Conference on November 11th and 12th, 2015 is the fourth in a recurring series of investment-oriented conferences put on by Marijuana Investor Summit, and two more are already on the calendar for 2016.  Stay tuned for DCNTV’s Video Recap from the Cannabis Growth Capital Conference.

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