Loud Cannabis is the latest medical marijuana delivery app to hit the market. People want to know just exactly who is growing their cannabis. Loud Cannabis is an app developed for cultivators, by cultivators. It introduces a web-based marketplace that connects all parties from seed to smoke.

July 17, Loud Cannabis developer Joshua Artman revealed to Cannabis Business Times “The inherent problems with other delivery services like Eaze, is that under the current law, you have to be organized as a collective to deliver marijuana to patients… These other delivery services only have as much inventory as the few dispensaries with whom they have relationships,” he added. “The Loud Cannabis platform is different because it connects everyone in the cannabis circle, and empowers collectives (dispensaries), growers and patients.”

Loud Cannabis connects everyone from seed to smoke. Artman told Fox40 in Sacramento “We’re just trying to streamline the distribution of cannabis and its derivatives from farm to table. We don’t handle product, we don’t handle delivery, we let you do your business. People want to know how their food is grown and where their food is grown, cannabis is the same way.” Joshua Artman is also the CEO of The Green Exchange. Loud Cannabis is just the “first phase” of the Green Exchange, Artman’s solution to the cannabis distribution problem in Northern California.

Loud Cannabis acts more as a “farmer’s market” where the patient can choose from the plethora of cannabis sources. Artman says the app will help medical marijuana delivery businesses sell excess inventory. Some other dispensary owners worry about identifying farm locations. Lynette Davies runs Canna Care in Sacramento. Davies says“Do you want the general public to know exactly where the farm is? Because of theft issues.”  Brick-and-mortar dispensaries cannot deliver in the city of Sacramento. Loud Cannabis will not actually deliver the pot, but will act as a portal for both the dispensaries and drivers. “I’m the guinea pig,” Artman said.

Artman is a cultivator himself, with experience in Mendocino County. “All of the things dispensaries do to verify your credentials are legit, we do that too.” Loud Cannabis facilitates the transaction without restricting any parties.”Artman when on to say “We are the only ‘Farm-to-Table’ marijuana app, that is HIPAA compliant and doesn’t take over control of the patient, making it a better alternative for patients, for growers, for collectives and dispensaries.”

iOS version coming soon.

Download Loud Cannabis for Android here.

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