In 2014, a Silicon-Valley cannabis tech startup launched with a mission to engineer the first ever induction heating vaporizer. After three years Loto Labs has officially announced the release of Loto Lux, known initially as the Evoke Vaporizer.

Crowdfunding Success

Loto Labs grabbed media attention after they began their Indiegogo campaign, raising $218,444, which is 312% of their initial goal of $70,000. This was achieved by the help of over 1,787 backers.

Although it took well over three years, the team behind Loto Labs kept their backers and supporters up to date with monthly updates, even during setbacks and delays, which as many founders may know is not the most comfortable task.

The Loto Lux

Loto Labs catered to every detail, from the patent-pending magnetic induction to the device being made of high-quality components and materials to the shape and design. The Loto Lux is 170mm long/tall with a detachable mouthpiece.

When using the Loto Lux, it offers a variety of capabilities:

You will receive aromatic blends with Loto Lux’s induction core. The core allows for a quick, efficient method of heating that vaporizes your blends evenly while delivering a flavorful, satisfying experience.

You can vaporize concentrates with the Loto Lux, as it heats the extracts quickly to produce a clean, smooth vapor. You can even enjoy pure extracts, no need to mix with PEG, coconut oil or other dilutions.

Convenience is critical for the Loto Lux with the swappable, reusable capsules. The Lux has three separate chambers and setups for each of the e-liquids, wax, and dry herb capsules.

The Lux also has a mobile app, and although having a smartphone is not necessary, it is needed when looking for customization needs. The mobile app allows you to customize your flavor profiles for specific materials and also allows you to save your unique user settings. 

When you receive your Loto Lux, you will receive 1 Loto Lux Vaporizer, one glass capsule for liquids, one glass capsule for dry herbs, one glass capsule for concentrates, two rechargeable batteries, and one battery charger.

Why is Induction Important for Loto Labs

The definition of Induction heating means heating of material through an electric current that is caused to flow through the material or its container by electromagnetic induction.

The induction core creates a small magnetic field that heats a metal heater; this brings the material to a vaporizing temperature.  

The electrical current is sen through a coil, which then the coil generates a “time-varying” magnetic field. When the susceptor is placed inside the magnetic field, the suspector is heated instantaneously.

This patent-pending technology allows for a more efficient and efficient consumer experience.

So, who can get their hands on a Loto Lux?

Loto Labs is currently fulfilling orders for Indiegogo backers and new orders at the same time. If you are just now hearing about the Loto Lux vaporizer and looking to purchase one, current fulfillment schedule is 4-6 weeks.

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