On August 8th, 2017, Leaf announced the launch of Leaf Forward, Canada’s first cannabis industry business accelerator program. Leaf Forward is a one-day accelerator program where early stage cannabis businesses will meet with industry experts, entrepreneurs, and experts in legal, finance, sales, and marketing.

The founders will learn how to pitch to investors, raise capital and scale their business. Although there is no investment made, I believe there is still value in the mentorship, networking and learning opportunities each company will receive.

A peek into a few of the mentors……

John Prentice is the President and CEO of Ample Organics, Ample Organics is the most widely adopted seed-to-sale solution among Canada’s licensed marijuana producers, designed for compliance with Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations.

Matt Maurer is the Chair of Minden Gross LLP’s Cannabis Law Group and is also an accomplished trial and appellate lawyer in the Litigation Group with over a decade of experience advocating on behalf of his corporate clients.

Matt Shalhoub is co-founder and Managing Director of Green Acre Capital. Green Acre is a Canadian based private cannabis fund that is currently managing over $20M of capital.

Who is behind Leaf Forward?

Alex Blumenstein who is the Leaf Forward is also the Founder of Leaf. Which is a community of entrepreneur, professionals, and innovators passionate about Canada’s Cannabis Industry? In January 2017, Leaf launched hosting monthly fireside chats bringing in leaders in the Canadian cannabis community where the provided insight on industry topics from finance to tech to marketing to public policy and more.

“Since the launch of the Leaf meetups in January we’ve seen a strong demand for learning and networking opportunities within the cannabis industry. Leaf Forward allows us to build on that success, providing value to our community, while adding value to the industry,” said Alex Blumenstein, Founder of Leaf Forward, “we’re strengthening the ecosystem and infrastructure all industries needs as they grow and mature. I encourage anyone working on something cool or innovative, here in Canada, or abroad wanting to do business in Canada, to apply.”

Who should apply?
  • Entrepreneurs who think they have an idea that can change the cannabis industry
  • Entrepreneurs who know they have an idea that will change the cannabis industry
What are they looking for in an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs who…….

  • believe in their idea
  • believe in themselves
  • Self-starters motivated to learn from the best

Here are some questions you should consider before applying:

  • Is this legal or is there a clear path to legalization?
  • Is there a market for this, has this been tried before?
  • How will this impact the cannabis industry?
  • How will it make money?
  • How much money do I need to raise? How much do I want to raise?

Leaf Forward is currently accepting applications up until August 31st, 2017. The first founder’s day program will start in September 2017.

Apply to Leaf Forward, click here.

Learn more about the mentors, click here.

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