Kind Financial has announced the launch of their new software solutions called KIND “Seed to Payment”. This software is currently only available in Canada for all licensed producers, related businesses, and the government.

History of KIND Financial

David Dinenberg founded KIND Financial in 2013, initially calling the company KIND Banking. KIND Financial is the technology platform for cultivators, dispensaries, and regulatory agencies, providing them with the tools they need for cannabis tracking and compliance. The software manages the entire cannabis business life-cycle ensuring transactions are safe, secure and remain in accordance.

KIND Financial has built its voice as a leader in compliance and financial solutions for the cannabis industry, by creating an ecosystem of easy-to-use, end-to-end solutions.

“Seed to Payment”

KIND’s Seed to Payment software is a fully integrated e-commerce gateway that enables users to complete the entire process from seed to payment all on one platform. Their platform also has built-in regulatory and security features which include age and identity verification to ensure full compliance capabilities along with offering the ability to work with multiple languages and foreign currencies like the Euro and Australian dollar.

These news tools will not only give Canadian cannabis businesses a fully integrated e-commerce platform but it also provides them the ability to monitor payments, process credit card transactions and put revenue into banks, which is nearly impossible in the United States.

What about the banking issue?

As many of you may know, the cannabis industry faces many barriers, especially when it comes to establishing a bank account, paying taxes, and accepting credit card payments. This issue is not only in the U.S., banks are also shutting down cannabis business accounts in Canada as well.

By partnering with one of Canada’s largest financial institutions, KIND Financial clients in Canada will now be able to gain access to a bank account and process all payment transactions within a single application.

By having this capability, clients can now conveniently run their business with ease, while also feeling secure that their entire business lifecycle remains compliant with all evolving rules and regulations.

The Offerings

Seed to Sale Tracking and Monitoring

The KIND Technology Platform works hand-in-hand with cannabis growers and producers to ensure KIND Seed to Payment meets the unique needs of cannabis businesses today.

Integrated eCommerce and Payment Gateway

The KIND seed to sale platform provides a fully-integrated eCommerce platform, and a stable, secure, Bank-supported and bank approved payment gateway to process transactions with confidence.

Government Reporting

KIND Seed to Payment tracks and stores the information you need for government reporting with a full audit trail of the critical data required to analyze and manage cannabis compliance across your operation.

Banking Compliance Features

The KIND Technology Platform stores and tracks the data cannabis-businesses need to ensure complete transparency with financial institutions offering services to the cannabis industry.

Increased Security

Data security and privacy have always been a core part of KIND Financial’s business, so it made sense when they partnered with security leaders like Microsoft, back in June 2016. By implementing Microsoft Azure to offer their clients the most advanced level of security. The data is stored in multiple locations in Canada, so their client’s data won’t cross any country lines.

The Future

KIND’s Seed to Payment’s foreign capabilities also allows for all Canadian licensees to explore and expand into international trade, without worrying about security or international regulations, explicitly making it easier to expand in Europe and Australia next.

KIND Financial is not stopping there, in addition to the Agrisoft Seed to Sale and the Seed to Payment, they are currently developing a mobile payment system called KIND Pay set to launch later this year. KIND Pay will accept Visa and Mastercard, include a loyalty platform and other valuable features.

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