kb Pure Essentials started through the passion and vision of best friends, Katie Moodie and Brooke Brun. In 2014 Brooke began to experience challenging side effects from her seizure medications and went in search of a more natural approach for therapy. She discovered doctors and scientists were doing CBD research on children with epilepsy and having positive results. After trying several CBD brands on the market at that time, Brooke was still not getting the positive results she was seeing in the media. Since Katie and Brooke were already in the business of making natural products, they decided to do their own research and make the CBD oil themselves. Through trial and error, they found that a Hemp CBD infused olive oil was the most effective method for Brooke.

“kb Pure Essentials was more about awakening a new lifestyle, not just making and selling products.”-Brooke B.

Exactly what is in your skin and bathroom products? Skin products are usually filled with artificial chemicals that dry your skin out and cause damage to your skin. kb Pure Essentials is featuring a product line all made from hemp oil and containing CBD. kb Pure Essentials products work simultaneously for your health and to improve the way your skin looks.

CBD oil applied topically is not just to repair damaged skin. It’s biologically active and can be effective against Psoriasis and other skin abnormalities. CBD also has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiviral properties. Specifically, hemp oil containing CBD is an anti-oxidant and can block ultraviolet rays from the sun. Essentially, the health benefits of CBD are too numerous to name here.

kb Pure essentials infuse their hemp with local organic olive oil, which is hand-crafted by them in San Diego, CA. kb Pure Essentials consciously hand-craft their products to ensure the highest quality.

Want to learn more about the founder of kb Pure Essentials, Katie and Brooke? Check out their blog! 

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