When you are away from the office, it’s the perfect time to contemplate on the other things that truly matter in your life, such as love, happiness, a peaceful state of mind or a sense of well-being. Imagine when those moments arise and you find yourself reaching out for cannabis to achieve that state of mind, but there may be an issue of smoking it around family members and in spaces where cannabis isn’t as welcomed. A question entered my mind, “how do you get the full health benefits of cannabis while still being able to relax and be yourself when smoking isn’t always an option?”

This leads me to the next brilliant, yet not often talked about, health activity, juicing.

Why Juicing Cannabis?

This activity is easily incorporated into your daily cannabis consumption, and it has more health benefits than if you were to smoke cannabis flowers from your favorite glass pipe. We call this cannabis juicing or juicing cannabis. As you add juicing cannabis to your everyday routine, you won’t be worried if you’re getting too high around your family (as you control the amount and ingredients added) or worry about them any smoke.

In addition, you’re able to take it to work or juice beforehand, essentially juice whenever you feel the need to enhance your productivity levels. This is a great method to attaining more of the cannabis’ nutrients than just lighting it up. Let’s discuss the benefits of juicing cannabis and the reasons why it will enhance your work activity.

You Get More Nutrients Which Eliminates Your Sick Days

benefits of juicing cannabis

Among all things, juicing provides added strength and an immunity boost from getting sick all year around. In an article published on Merry Jane, the author quoted the benefits of assisting in healing sufferers of chronic illnesses. Since cannabis can aid in alleviating issues related to chronic illnesses than your regular cold or fever is in for a fight. Drinking on a daily will increase the odds of you not calling in due to the seasonal office bugs, and a reminder that eating a healthy meal or two helps with maintaining a clear focus throughout the day. In addition, juicing cannabis brings out the fiber, iron, calcium and most importantly cannabinoids that heal the body in almost every area.

Whenever you’re in a setting that requires no smoking like certain work and personal environments, then you’re able to medicate by drinking your cannabis discreetly. But remember you’ll still be getting an increasing amount of nutrients than just consuming the flower through burning it.

Why Is It Better Than Lighting It Up?

As with all other vegetables you juice, it’s known fact that vegetables cooked lose more nutrients. Similarly, cannabis doesn’t give all the nutrients when you toke it from a bong, pipe, blunt, or joint. Medical Jane reiterates the juicing effects of cannabis throughout their article. Armed with this knowledge, you can rest assured you’ll be consuming mega nutrients on top of other nutrients. Second added benefit, you have control of the amount of cannabis used in each juice batch, making juicing a quick fix snack on the go when needed. The third positive benefit, juicing actually helps clear out toxins in your body which assists in providing a healthier mind and body, that leaves you feeling better and with a sound mind.

Your Activity Levels Will Increase Overtime Which Means More Time To Do Business And More Time With Your Family

benefits of juicing cannabis

Furthermore, drinking cannabis juice helps you accumulate more energy. Your body will have more energy to do more things in your business with a clear-minded focus on all important matters. As you go from meeting to meeting your body will feel a new knowing it’s’ being well fed and fueled throughout the day. According to an article on Merry Jane,

Supplementing an impaired ECS with plant cannabinoids will bring it back to optimum function, thus provoking an improvement in any associated conditions.”

As you read the above quote, you may be left feeling puzzled for a minute but you’ll quickly realize all this quote means is your ECS or Endocannabinoid System will go back to its regular homeostasis. Let’s dissect what this means.

An ECS is a system in your body that you’re naturally born with. A metaphor that best describes this system is the key and lock analogy. The cannabinoids inside the cannabis plant are the keys to unlocking your endocannabinoid system where it will help balance your entire body. Now, as we understand the quoted words, “supplementing an impaired ECS with plant cannabinoids”, we know that drinking cannabis juice helps fix the impaired or damaged ECS we have in our body. As stated above cannabis helps or provokes an improvement in your daily activities whether physical or mental. This taken from its’ context implies that we are able to enhance our productivity under any associated conditions.

Overall, drinking cannabis juice or juicing will help you achieve better results in your life if you incorporate this activity into your daily routine. You won’t have to smoke at work because you’ll have access to a customized medicated supplement that’s easy to drink and made by you. Cheers to that!

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