Jennifer Clifton Discusses Cannabis Business Law For The Entrepreneur | DCN Talks

This month on DCN Talks, we had the honor of sitting down with Jennifer Clifton, Founder of Clifton Cannabis Law.

Jennifer is a corporate lawyer with the heart of an entrepreneur. She has had a career working for national law firms and as in-house counsel for software development company and civil engineering firm. She has started two businesses of her own, one of which attracted attention from Oprah Winfrey, USA Today, People Magazine and The New York Times.

Jennifer’s background as an entrepreneur combined with her vast legal experience in corporate transactional law, securities law, and tax law, uniquely positions her as an invaluable resource to any entrepreneur. For a number of years, Jennifer has advised and represented entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey and has particularly enjoyed her Cannabis-business clients.

What is Clifton Cannabis Law?

Clifton Cannabis Law offers strategy, advice and legal services to help you protect and grow your company in a dynamic market. With experience supporting marijuana entrepreneurs, we understand the needs of your business in a rapid growth industry. They represent companies in all stages of development, from the formation through the sale. Whether you are starting with land use regulations, applying for recreational marijuana licenses in Oregon, debt-to-equity financing, employee recruitment and stock option plans, trademark filings, IP licensing, and general business law issues

Clifton Cannabis Law appreciates and understands the frustrations that come with owning your own business. Young companies need a savvy legal team but may not have the financial resources to hire the best.  Our legal team, licensed in both Oregon and California, bridges this gap by bringing you the experience you can trust with the flexibility to “just get it done” or empower you to can take on necessary tasks yourself if you need to save costs.

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