Jane is a kiosk system for retailers and an app for buyers to use to make dispensaries and legal marijuana stores more efficient, transparent, and legitimate than they ever have been.

CEO David Ellerstein and the Jane team developed Jane for stores and patients to use to make the buying and selling process a breeze.

If you’re using the IOS or Android version of the app then you can browse and even pre-order items for pickup at your local dispensary. The app sends your order to the dispensary and your bud-tender will be able to get to work, putting together what you’ve selected. Then when you get there, your bud-tender will have your order ready.

“You just approach the kiosk and put in your transaction ID that was created from the app and you then have a chain express expedited ordering experience,” Ellerstein said. Or if you want to shop once in the store, the app can help you with that experience as well, showing you the anatomy of the flowers you’re interested in, what THC content they have, CBD content if it’s indica or sativa, etc.

Jane now operates in five dispensaries in Colorado and Oregon, with two more set to open in Las Vegas. He wants to make Jane something every marijuana retailer can use.

“We’re bringing the tried and true retail kiosk experience that’s at Home Depot, Target, Walmart, and McDonald’s and we’re bringing it to the cannabis industry to assist and meet the same challenges that meet all retailers,” Ellerstein said.

It also keeps track of transactions in real-time. Ellerstein and his team want to make the industry transparent and help push cannabis away from the stigmatization it’s stuck in currently.

“It adds legitimacy so the bankers and regulators can at least embrace that you’re a retailer, you’re a business person, you are not an “illegal drug dealer” any longer,” Ellerstein said. The company just showed at an NYC Cannabis Expo in June where co-founder Jeff Foster spoke about the future of Jane.

The goal is to have the kiosks in every store in states where marijuana is legalized. As Ellerstein explains it, they want to “expand the Jane footprint.”

To learn more, visit trustjane.com

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