Jack Scatizzi Tells You How to Apply To A Cannabis Accelerator

This week on DCN Talks, we had the opportunity of sitting down with Jack Scatizzi, Managing Director and Founding Partner of Canopy San Diego.

Wondering how you can apply to Canopy San Diego? Above is a video of our sit-down with Jack as he explains how to apply to Canopy San Diego.

Canopy San Diego is the premier business accelerator for the legal cannabis ancillary market in Southern California. Led by an outstanding team of serial entrepreneurs, investors, and cannabis advocates, the accelerator provides critical support to the burgeoning cannabis industry. California’s legal cannabis industry already surpasses $2.5 billion/year in revenues with exponential growth predicted over the next five years.

As a member of the Canopy accelerator ecosystem, Canopy San Diego enjoys unparalleled access to the industry’s top entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors, and investors.
www.canopysd.com. Interested in applying for the Canopy San Diego upcoming cohort? Go to http://canopysd.com/apply/

In this interview, Jack offers insight on the process to apply to San Diego’s first cannabis accelerator and offers some tips when working with investors.

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