Meet NanoSphere Health, a company based in Denver, family owned and operated, is successfully growing business with doctors around the U.S. excited to utilize the company’s technologies for pain treatment. As stated on their website, “Nanosphere Health Sciences, LLC is an advanced biotechnology company and an innovator in researching, developing, and marketing superior nutraceuticals developed from the latest advances in nanobiotechnology. By utilizing the latest developments from this interdisciplinary field, Nanosphere Health has perfected optimal and safe delivery systems for nutraceuticals, branded Evolve Nutrients.”

The responses below were provided by the NanoSphere Health Sciences Team.

What products has NanoSphere Health Sciences produced so far? [I saw examples on your website for an oral spray, transdermal, and nasal spray] Could your team elaborate more on the types of products that will be released?

The first product that NanoSphere Health Sciences will release is our NanoSerum transdermal gel from our Evolve line. This is an ultra-strength transdermal formula helps relieve pain, inflammation, and anxiety. The formula uses the patent-pending NanoSphere Delivery System™ with advanced Nano-Encapsulated Cannabis. The cannabis is fast-acting, entering systemic circulation and across the blood-brain barrier within 8-10 minutes. This is huge as dosage control is a primary concern with many forms of cannabis consumption. The gel can be applied directly to a pain point, or on the underside of the wrist to alleviate anxiety and give the consumer a more relaxing feel.

Following the transdermal gel, we will also launch an intra-oral NanoGel and an Intra-Nasal NanoGel. The Intra-oral solution is a superior alternative to smoking, vaping, and taking edibles. This product can be administered under the tongue to provide rapid onset of symptom relief. Due to the perfected dosage, this is a far safer route to deliver cannabis past the blood brain barrier. The intra-oral solution will be available in the last quarter of this year.

The Intra-Nasal Nanogel, which will launch in 2018, will be the fastest and most direct method of delivery. This transports cannabinoids into the central nervous system in minutes through the consumer’s nose. This delivery method also increases cannabinoid bioavailability, increasing bioactivity and its therapeutic index.

Are these products available for retail?

The NanoSerum transdermal gel will be available in Colorado dispensaries the early part of May.

Who is the target market for these products?

The target market for these products are consumers who have pain, but want a responsible method to consume cannabis. A consumer who has knee pain, but doesn’t want the side effects associated with putting smoke or vapor into their lungs or “guessing” how many edibles he or she should take. It can be used to treat a variety of maladies including pain relief, anxiety and insomnia.

From a pain relief perspective, the products have been successful for a broad range of patients, ranging in age from their early twenties to well into their seventies, helping with knee pain, back pain and even arthritis. The product is also perfect for many patients using opioids to treat their pain.

This country is in the grips of a crippling opioid epidemic, brought on in great part due to users being prescribed these pharmaceuticals for pain management. NanoSphere’s solutions can stop an opioid addiction before it starts.

In short, target market: Anyone with pain, inflammation, and anxious tendencies.

Impressive executive team leading NanoSphere Health, how did the conversation of cannabis come into play?

The NanoSphere Health Sciences team has been researching applications for our patent-pending delivery system – from over the counter medications to select pharmaceuticals for the past three years.

Through our research, we realized cannabis is a great fit for the NanoSphere delivery system, and at the same time, the cannabis market severely lacked a safer, more precise consumption method for medical purposes.

The NanoSphere delivery system is a breakthrough for the industry. The system removes problems with standard consumption methods (smoking, vaping, edibles) and allows for faster onset relief with more fine-tuned dosage to meet the exact needs of each patient.

Our method also solves the cannabis solubility issue that creates problems when cannabis is administered orally. The fluidity and viscoelastic gels are proven effective in transporting cannabinoids across the cell membranes to bind to receptor sites.

The cannabis space has been long overdue for a safer consumption method, and we’re excited to provide just that.

Is the conversation of cannabis in the Nanotechnology community easily discussed?

There’s a growing interest in making cannabis a real medicine without smoking using nanotechnology, and others in our field are intrigued. But that said, NanoSphere is the only company with a proven nanoparticle delivery system for cannabis.

Congratulations on signing a letter of intent with Corazon Gold Corp., what are the future plans for NanoSphere now that this information is made public?

We are very excited about expanding our technology throughout the US and Canada through our licensing program. Once the transaction is finalized, we will be a public company in Canada. This is very exciting for NanoSphere as it makes our technology more widely available to help the thousands of people suffering from pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

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