The Inside Out Of Tradiv Headquarters in San Diego

This segment of Inside Out, Christina spends a day at Tradiv. Tradiv is the world’s largest online wholesale marketplace for the cannabis industry. Tradiv’s distribution platform connects cultivators, infused product manufacturers, and dispensaries. Tradiv members can list products for sale and shop online, 24/7.

For Dispensaries: Find the products you need and order with confidence – you only pay after your order arrives and you approve it. Tradiv gives you access to the largest selection of cannabis products online. Filter by criteria like vendor, price, and potency to find the right match for your store. Each product detail page offers you a quick glance at the lab results, THC percentage, grow environment, aroma, hybrid ratio and more. Our dedicated account managers provide you with highly personal, knowledgeable service to ensure you receive top-quality products at competitive prices. Place your order in just a few clicks and items will arrive promptly, right to your storefront.

For Cultivators: Enjoy tools that let you sell more wholesale cannabis, and leave more time in your day for practicing your craft. Tradiv opens the door to doing business with the largest volume of dispensaries across the state. What’s more, there are no hidden fees, fixed prices, contracts or exclusivity. We help you display certifications and quality factors on product listing pages to differentiate your products from the competition. Plus, you can track order history, view market prices, and forecast future sales right from your dashboard.

For Processors: Buy and sell to the largest audience of cannabis retailers.
Tradiv is a wholesale cannabis distribution platform that connects you with reputable cultivators and ready-to-buy retailers. Find high-quality trim for your products, and when you’re ready to sell, Tradiv opens the doors to a bigger audience of buyers for sustainable, profitable relationships.

Tradiv opens the doors to longstanding relationships with cultivators, retailers, and dispensaries who match your passion for cannabis and expectations of quality. From the purchasing of trim to the creation of product pages and all the way to shipping, Tradiv provides you with the tools you need for success.

Forget the lengthy phone calls, countless text messages and quality control guesswork. Tradiv makes it simple to connect with professional, like-minded business online.

To contact or work with Tradiv.
Phone: (888) 746-5701

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