The Inside Out Of GreenBroz, Inc. in San Diego, California

This week on Inside Out, Christina spends a day at GreenBroz, Inc. GreenBroz Inc. is the cannabis dry harvest company. Their approach to the challenge of dry trimming is focused on quality first and volume second. The gentle rolling action of our GreenBroz Dry Trimmer provides a very tight finish while protecting the potency and natural curves of your beautiful buds.

Their Dry Trimmer blade is set at a precise angle which promotes a gentle rolling of the flowers and is designed to get every part of the bud in the most efficient possible manner – we never tumble. The curve of the dry trimmer blade is designed so that it is just the leaf that is trimmed and not your beautiful flower. Your bud is a canvas, and our dry trimmers are the tools with which you craft your masterpiece.

The GreenBroz Dry Trimmer has an intuitive design which allows for ease of use, operation, and cleaning. The GreenBroz Inc. Dry Trimmer is simply a superior product in every way.

They understand that buying an automated dry trimmer is a business decision and your return on investment is critically important. With GreenBroz, the ROI is often in 24 hours (Check out our ROI Calculator). Yes, you read that right! Their GreenBroz Dry Trimmers will help reduce your expenses, maintain a high-quality product and increase your productivity, all of which will help you to grow your business.

To contact or work with Greenbroz, Inc:
Phone: 844-DRY-TRIM (844.379.8746)

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