The Seed Series, Powered by Direct Cannabis Network

Join us for an evening of education, innovation, and connection.

The Seed Series is an event that allows for you to meet like-minded entrepreneurial professionals that share the same passion for the cannabis industry as you do.

Your evening will be filled with evocative discussions as you listen to entrepreneurs present their business, service, idea or product in front of over 75+ cannabis business professionals.

Each guest in the building will play an important role for these businesses, as you will be given the opportunity to vote, ask questions and offer advice for each of the cannabis startups presenting.

After all presentations, we will offer tapas, treats, and beverages for our networking hour. Meet and get to know vendors, presenters and business professionals in the industry during the last hour of the evening.

Sponsorships: Are you interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at this event? Email [email protected]

Sidenote: Due to current regulations, vendors will not be able to provide any THC infused samples. We hope we can eventually change this as we strongly believe cannabis is apart of our industry and deserves to be apart of this business to business atmosphere. 

Keynote Speaker:

Omar Figueroa of Law Offices of Omar Figueroa.

Omar Figueroa is a pioneering cannabis lawyer who has been providing legal counsel and representation to members of California’s cannabis industry since 1998. Omar entered the cannabis industry as a criminal defense lawyer, where he tirelessly defended individuals charged with cannabis-related crimes. With the passage of cannabis legalization in California, Omar has expanded the firm to keep pace with the industry’s legal needs.

Startup Presenter’s

Melissa Jane (MJ) Stapley, Founder of MJ Hybrid Solutions.

Melissa started her journey in the cannabis industry in 2014 as a medical cannabis consumer. After discovering a need for cannabis employee training, MJ combined her passion for sales training and cannabis education to develop the MJ Hybrid Training System.

David Schacter, Founder of Cannabiscope

David is the only 4X Collegiate Boxing Champ in Nevada’s history and the 4th overall in American collegiate boxing. A self-labeled ‘ganjapreneur’, his new technology, Cannabiscope, is providing the cannabis community with a strain mapping system that is presented unlike any other technology in the space.

Joshua Mezher, Founder of A Pot For Pot

A 10-year veteran grower, Joshua went from hobbyist grower to commercial cultivator before diving into consumer electronics development. He is skilled in product development, startup fundraising, marketing, global sourcing, and of course cannabis and growing. He has spoken at numerous industry events on startup financing and mass production manufacturing. He is passionate about organic growing and de-stigmatizing cannabis.

Laura Turner, Owner of CWR Socal

Laura Turner has been soil deep into organics since before 2005. When she moved to GA, calling around to find the local weed man was not an option, so she learned how to grow her own. Rapid weight gain and loss, due to pregnancy, caused her to have her gallbladder removed in 1997, negatively impacting her digestive system. The only way she could eat or prevent the cramping, pain, and nausea was with cannabis. This intensified her organic journey to better health. Taking control of her food, she began growing as much on her own as possible, which soon turned into a mission to create her own organic compost. Problem was, she wanted to be able to grow year round. This meant finding a composting solution that wouldn’t take months of turning and curing before it was usable. This led to her discovery of anaerobic fermentation and the birth of her mission to help CalRecycle divert 75% of all food and green waste away from landfills. She has always wanted to grow cannabis on a larger scale but felt her organic skills and talents were needed elsewhere. This led to the creation of CWR SoCal, where their mission is to help further close the loop of sustainability, by using the by-products of composted cannabis waste to grow food for low and no income families.

Event Agenda: 
February 25, 2018, 4 – 7:30 PM, in San Diego, California.

Agenda: 4pm-4:20pm Check-in, Networking 4:30pm – 4:40pm- Start Seed Series Show 4:40pm-6:00pm Intro, Keynote, Presenters, Sponsors

6:00pm-7:30pm Networking

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