Hotbox Reviews: Vapor Slide V2

Lucia got to test out the Vapor Slide V2 on this episode of Hotbox Reviews. What is the Vapor Slide V2?

The Vapor Slide V2 is a revolutionary distillate vaporizer that is the perfect hybrid between pen and dab. Our team has been focused for the past 2 years developing a product with optimal vapor production while maintaining a leakproof and clean cartridge. The V2 delivers great smooth hits, true flavor, and has a battery that lasts 3x longer than the competition.

You can now use 1 product for everything you need with this small, discrete, powerful vaporizer. Use on the go or in any water pipe with a female down-stem!

Vapor Slide V2

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Welcome to HotBox Reviews! I’m your host, Lucia, today’s review is on the Vapor Slide V2!

Vapor Slide’s mission is simple. Create a powerful vaporizer that is both reliable and versatile for the user.

I was surprised by how fun this vape was to review. The V2 comes off as a regular vape but one key difference is this vaporizer can be used in a water pipe.

The team is committed to ensuring their vapes stay true to their mission. Vapor Slide has 22 points patented on the design and technology of the V2.

Give it five clicks to turn on. One click to activate the 2-second pre-heat. Two clicks show battery life. Green indicates full. Blue is mid, and Red is low.

Three clicks let you change the voltage from 4 different heat settings, and the V2 has a 14 second shut off feature.

Charging the V2 is made easy since it only requires a micro USB connection.

I’m able to use this “on the go” and when I’m feeling a different type of hit, I can use the V2 in female down stemmed water pipe.

What does the Vapor Slide V2 come with? The box is cool looking. Inside it comes with a micro USB charging cable and an empty magnetic cartridge to fill.

Make sure to use a standard cartridge with the V2 or fill the magnetic cartridge with whatever you like.

Now for the Pros. [pause] Pros of the V2 are it’s sleek, metal design, and the fact it can be used as a show stopper when you use it in a water pipe. Overall it’s a reliable vaporizer that I like using in all settings.

If you have any questions on the Vapor Slide V.2 or like this review, please comment and share this video!

More about Vapor Slide

At Vapor Slide they dedicated to producing cleaner, more effective, more powerful vaporizers. Our mission is to combine the best cartridge and coil technology with the best battery technology to give consumers the most versatile, durable and reliable vaporizers on the market today. Vapor Slide is the brand you can trust.

Meet Brendan Gillis

Brendan P. Gillis, founder, and CEO of Vapor Slide, LLC, has over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing. Since getting his business degree from Full Sail University, he has excelled in growing as a manager and a leader. Gillis is a self-starter and is always thinking big about future products and how current trends will grow. He started Vapor Slide, LLC because of his ability to see growth in the market and his passion for sales.

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