HotBox Reviews: TokeWith App

Welcome to HotBox Reviews! This month our host Lucia. Today’s review is on the TokeWith app.

TokeWith is a live-streaming video platform centered around the cannabis community. Discover both educational and entertaining user-generated content around medical marijuana. Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast or just cannabis-curious, get ready to cast, curate, and catalog all of your cannabis video content in one place!

Key Features:
GO LIVE. Easily broadcast live and start a virtual toke session with your friends or the greater Toke With community. Never medicate alone again.

LEARN & LAUGH. Discover live or cataloged content on anything and everything cannabis-related. Search our featured content or follow some of your favorite tokecasters on TokeWith., you’re in control. You now have the ability to add custom words and phrases that you want to block from your stream chats.

CHAT MODERATION. You are in control. You now have the ability to add custom words and phrases that you want to block from your stream chats.


So what is TokeWith? It’s an app that allows users to stream Live videos. Do you remember Periscope? Think along the lines of Instagram Story and Facebook Live.

You have the option to either film yourself toking up or you can tune into another person’s live stream.

TokeWith lets you render your footage after you’re done filming. You can either download it or upload to your profile so viewers can watch whenever.

Right away you can start customizing your video, by adding a title and hashtags to draw people in. you can even select which strain you’re smoking! And even who gets to view your sesh.

When you tap on the bottom right of your screen, you create “smoke puffs” this is a way to encourage the person streaming to take another hit!

When you tap on the top right of your screen, you create “hearts” which is always a positive sign! So if you got love to share, send them a heart!

I like how the interface is set up. At the top of the screen, you can select from “featured, trending, following, or latest” videos on TokeWith.

At the bottom of the screen, you have the search option which allows you to find “people, trending hashtags, and strains” As well as your home and notifications tabs.

From my experience, I’ve met all kinds of people on this app! I’ve chatted with people from Canada to folks from the midwest. Basically, anyone looking to get on a camera and smoke with others is on TokeWith.

Pros are…this app exists! The concept of toking up with strangers through an internet connection is so 2017! So the fact this app was created to meet that demand is a pro in itself.

Cons can be found in the coding of the app itself so sometimes the app shuts down, freezes, and loading pages can be a hit or miss. And if somebody calls you, your live stream is cut!

If you have a question about Tokewith, or like this review please comment or share this video! Also, check out a list of important links in the description and to learn more about TokeWith, download the app on iTunes and play store today.

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