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This Month on Hotbox Reviews: Releaf App.

About Releaf App: Releaf empowers you to look beyond a list of strain names. What are the cannabinoids, terpenes, and ingestion methods that work best for you in managing your symptoms? What feelings are associated with the cannabis you’re trying? Let’s crowdsource this exploration to find real answers using the power of thoughtful management & real-time sessions.

Welcome to HotBox Reviews! I’m your host, Lucia, today’s review is on Releaf!

Have you heard of the app – Releaf? It’s an app designed to track your cannabis consuming habits. It creates a detailed report based on the data you give it after each session.

Releaf launched in 2016 with the goal of tracking each user’s personal data on how their cannabis experience went.This way you can track what strains you liked and don’t like, alongside getting a clearer picture on which cannabis products work best for you.

So let’s get this sesh started!

Begin by starting a new session, select your form of cannabis from the group or create your own, then provide any information you know about this strain.

After you’ve chosen how you’re consuming your cannabis, and for what reasons, click on save and continue to the next screen.

Right away you’re met with a smiley face, and three logos at the bottom; Notes, Symptom, and Feels. Each of these tabs serves its’ own purpose. Take for instance “Feels”.

“Feels” does a four part breakdown asking you “how you are feeling” in regards to your mind, body, mood, and any other side effects you’re experiencing.

“Symptom” is where you get to control the smiley face’s expression on the screen. On the right side you move the numbers according to how you’re feeling. The lower the numbers the more “relaxed” the face appears, and the higher the numbers, the more distressed the expression appears on screen.

On the left side, when you tap on the icon, it shows that it is tracking how many puffs or doses you are taking during your session. It’ll track when in your sesh you consumed cannabis, and give you an idea of how much cannabis was consumed per sitting.

My favorite feature is the notes tab. I’ve noticed I personally have been using this section to journal how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking of at the time. It’s always fun to read what you wrote after your sesh!

Now let’s get to the pros and cons, so far on the pro side, I’m diggin’ the design, colors, and branding of Releaf. I like how simple it is to navigate the app via the logos. The use of logos to reference effects and moods throughout the app helps keep the idea of the app straight to the point when I’m feeling extra medicated and wanting to engage with the platform.  

As for the cons, I realized as I was researching this app, that only a few groups of people are able to fully maximize the potential that Releaf can offer. Especially because not all states require dispensaries to do lab testing on their products, and the majority of the information needed to engage with this platform requires the cannabis to have been lab tested so that the user can properly track their data.

For now, if you’re a cannabis consumer that doesn’t have access to your flower’s’ information, then the app doesn’t feel like it would be much help, unless you would like to track your sessions in general than feel free to!

Other than that, the cons were limited as I feel the team behind Releaf did a good job bringing the concept to life!

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