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This Month on Hotbox Reviews: Leafly App Host: Lucia

Host: Lucia Napolez

Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource. They make the process of finding the right strains and products for you fast, simple, and comfortable. Whether you’re new to cannabis, a medical marijuana patient, or a seasoned consumer, Leafly is the perfect destination for you!

Welcome to HotBox Reviews! I’m your host, Lucia, today’s review is on Leafly!

Who hasn’t heard of Leafly? back in 2014, Leafly was the first cannabis company to run a full-page ad in the New York Times! That’s impressive[pause] WHY? because ONE I’m a marketing geek and TWO seeing cannabis in mainstream headlines is awesome …period.

What do I use Leafly for? I use Leafly to search for new strains, and when I’m not looking through DCN for the latest cannabis news. I’m diggin’ through Leafly’s articles and checking out the local deals in my area.

Right away you’ll notice the Leafly app has a clean interface. The images used throughout the app resonate well for me as the user, I like the fonts and layout of this app. I’ve also found that navigating their content is an easy, user-friendly experience altogether.

At the top you can click from dispensary or delivery, I like how the map of San Diego draws my eyes to it. You can zoom in and find whatever you’re looking for.

Once you’ve signed up for a Leafly account, you are able to track the strains you’ve reviewed, favorited, and see who’s following you and who you follow.

When you click on Find, Leafly automatically pulls up all surrounding dispensaries and deliveries near you. At the bottom, you’re able to check out deals in your area.

My favorite feature is the Search option! I like how searching for strains is made easy on Leafly. The search results bring back every piece of content that has the keyword you chose.

You can search strains from categories such as newest, popular, and your typical A through Z search.

For example, pick any strain and go through the profile, automatically you get a complete breakdown of the strain, click on Nearby to see where you can get this strain, and read the reviews, which are of course bias, which I will explain in my pros and cons.

I’m personally a fan of the image search option, which is seen below. I’m someone who would click on “motivate the mind” because of the image, and it sounds cool!

The Products tab pulls up a list of available products and brands for purchase. I like how you can search for specific categories, and further divide each one.

The News tab pulls up Leafly’s collection of articles housing the latest cannabis headlines. You can even search for specific topics!

The Clinics tab lets you find the nearest spot to get your doctor’s recommendation. Pretty neat feature.

Leafly List is a quarterly report on the most talked about dispensaries and retail locations in the top 10 major cannabis markets across north America. That’s a pretty big deal if your dispensary makes it on that list!

Now for the Pros and Cons. [pause] The cons were hard to find for Leafly, aside from the fact we can’t use a personal photo as your avatar, and I question how accurate the reviews are.

There are many outside factors that affect the cannabis you’re smoking such as the environment (how it was grown, and where it was grown) so I’m skeptical on the review portion of Leafly.

As for pros, I was impressed with how the app ran smoothly and didn’t freeze or glitch.
Also, transitions between menus are seamless, and the branding is on point!

If you have any questions on Leafly or like this review, please comment and share this video!

And to learn more about Leafly, download the app on iTunes and play store today.

For DCN this is Lucia, let’s think higher

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