Hotbox Reviews: Herbalizer

Welcome to HotBox Reviews! This month our host Lucia, review’s the Herbalizer! 

Included Accessories:
(4) SqueezeValve™ Balloons
3ft silicone whip
Magnetic Bowl
Stash Box
(2) Aromapads
(2) Spare Bowl Screens
Quick Start Guide
Vaportherapy™ herbal blend
Cleaning brush
Power cord
NOTE: The Herbalizer no longer includes essential oil

The Herbalizer  launched in 2013 and is USA made in San Diego, California.

The design is solid, sleek, and downright futuristic. The egg-shaped device measures about a foot long, weighs in at two pounds, and is completely self contained. The main controls and materials chamber sit under the lid while the whip wraps around the outer edge of the device.

The Herbalizer is a 100% convection vaporizer, meaning that air passes over the heat source and, in turn, vaporizes the desired elements. A small 300 watt halogen light bulb is used as the heat source. A key element to highlight is the precise temperature control between 290° and 445° F with 1° intervals! To make note, the Herbalizer is an AC powered table top vaporizer meaning it’s great for home use!

As a quick reference, 290 degrees is considered the “uplifting” zone, it’s the lowest temp to start at, followed by the “balanced” mode at 330 degrees, while 390 degrees is considered the “intense” mode.

When it comes to using the Herbalizer, you have two ways to go about it.

One is the aromatherapy option, which requires you dab a small amount of essential oil on a miniature brillo pad then mount it in front of the exhaust fan. This is great for clearing the smell from the room after a session!

The second method, and the most popular selection, is the vapor therapy mode.

This is the mode you use to burn your herb and concentrates.  The herbalizer also many other cool accessories. One of those is the SteamRoller!

It’s durable, hand-blown glass. The bottom fits perfectly over the magnetic bowl and the rubber grips create the ideal seal!

As for the pros and cons, Lucia only had one con besides the price of the unit itself. You can get your hands on this unit for $600.

The pros to Herbalizer are the precise temperature control, the convenience factor of its’ size, and the technology that went behind creating this vaporizer.

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