Hotbox Reviews: Crafty Vaporizer by Storz-Bickel

This Month on Hotbox Reviews: Crafty Vaporizer by Storz – Bickel. The CRAFTY is a portable, battery-powered Pocket-Vaporizer.
Host: Lucia Napolez

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Hey, there! We are back today with great surprise! Today’s review is on a vaporizer manufactured in Germany. This device here has convenience, ease of use, and the best part… an app!

The device is called crafty. Now I do warn you, please charge this device before use.

To start using the crafty you have to first download the app called the crafty remote control.

When you open this app, turn your Bluetooth in your phone on, then open the application select setting on the lower bar tab and press on connect with other crafty.To connect make sure your crafty is on and the app will ask you for a serial number which is located on the bottom of the crafty device in a silver tab. Once you have connected with your crafty we can move on to the next step which is loading this bad boy.

What’s cool is that the crafty includes a grinder and a loading tool. To gain access to the heating chamber remove the cooling unit by twisting the top off counter-clockwise. Once you gained access to the heating chamber you could fill it up using your bare hands or use crafty’s filling aid to get a perfect dosage. Now to get the most out of your flower it’s best to grind it up. Then empty the grinder or herb mill into the filling aid by twisting off the clear top. Also to connect to the filling aid to the crafty twist off the bottom orange cover and simply attach the filling aid the same way you would the cooling unit.

Alright, so we got the filling aid on and the herb in, all we need to do is load it and what’s great is the filling comes with a small cup used for measuring dosage. So grab the cup, scoop up the marijuana and dump that into the small hole and to ensure it is loaded correctly push the cup into the small hole and close everything back up. As well as attaching the cooling chamber back on.

Now turn the device back on and open your app to select the temperature and which I preferred it to be 190c. once the temperature is heated to your select settings. then the led will light green and vibrate. To smoke twist the mouthpiece and begin inhaling your medication. You may also select a boost temperature setting to give your device a boost of temperature at the beginning giving you a faster vape session. Once you have finished the device will automatically shut off allowing you to start refilling or cleaning. The crafty also has a pick to aid in cleaning out the used buds which are located on the opposite side of the power button just pull out the orange circle tab and voila you have a pick to keep your hands clean and smell free.

This device also comes with a brush for cleaning as well as O-ring replacements and screen replacements for the heating chamber. To clean the cooling chamber you have to slide the crafty logo to the side and press down on the oval-shaped black piece over here. (point at the button).

Now I did forget to mention that everything in this device is there for a reason. For example, I’m not sure if this was its purpose but the bottom of the pick is shaped in a perfect circle which can be used to pack the herbs down. Also, the ridges on the side of this device is a great way to insulate the heat so you’re not constantly burning your hands.

Okay for those who still haven’t charged they’re crafty here’s how to do that. If you remove the pick you can gain access to the charging port and once plugged in the led will flash blue and then green when fully charged. You can also view the battery life from the app. The battery was one thing I was disappointed about. It did not last as much as I expected which I think is due to the Bluetooth chip. overall if they fix the battery issue I would enjoy taking this vaporizer everywhere with me. it offered a clean smooth hit with a great option to personalize temperature by the degree.


The CRAFTY is a portable, battery-powered Pocket-Vaporizer.
The CRAFTY’s compact construction with a single Lithium-Ion Battery Power is complemented by a practical one button control: You turn on the CRAFTY with only one keypress. It then heats up automatically until it reaches the default set basic temperature of 356°F (180°C). With a double-click on the button, you activate the booster temperature of 383°F (195°C). When the set vaporization temperature is reached, it is signaled through a short double-vibration and the LED-indicator lamp: The LED changes the color from red to green.

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