Meet HMBLDT, a company dedicated to supporting the legacy and future of Humboldt Country through their product lines while utilizing the latest technology, science, and data to create a line of vaporizers for the cannabis patient.

At this year’s New West Summit in San Francisco, HMBLDT debuted on the scene with their developed product line and gave the public a peek into the team and the science behind their creation. By using the latest science, data, and technology to create each pen, HMBLDT pens are designed to target certain ailments that cannabis can bring relief to. The first wave of pens are named for their specific effect and target: Bliss, Calm, Sleep, and Relief.  

HMBLDT pens come in four varieties, each carefully crafted for a specific function. The Bliss pen was created to deliver the right amount of THC to make a user feel good without overwhelming them. The Sleep pen works with the plants sleep-promoting cannabinoids to help a user fall asleep more naturally. The Calm pen is great for users looking to relax without the psychoactive feeling of the plant. It’s higher in CBD, so the relaxing elements of the plant calm the user without overwhelming them. The Relief pen offers the user the best in the plant’s pain relief cannabinoids to help alleviate symptoms naturally.

Each device has a computer inside called a ‘mini-processor’, which controls the dose size. The processor then controls the heat ramp, so that the correct amount of terpenes and cannabinoids are delivered at different temperatures. The processor also controls the airflow so that no matter how hard the user draws from the device, they are going to get 2.25mg of cannabis in the exact amount of vapor every time.

The pens vibrate after three seconds notifying the user when to stop inhaling. Each pen has approximately 200 doses. The preliminary tests with a group of 300 people, tested each pen’s effect. According to Seashol, 80 to 90% of the group tested found that the proportions of THC and CBD in each pen worked for the uses they were created for.

HMBLDT’s Co-Founder and President, Matt Seashols, explains how each pen within those categories uses the same amount of cannabinoids and terpenes per hit.

“The device we created is built specifically for cannabis. It enables us to use 88% cannabinoids and 12% terpenes,” Seashols stated. By designing each pen to such a degree of care and scientific backing, Seashols’ mission to create vaporizers that work specifically for the ingredients inside and with the consumer in mind is on the right path.

HMBLDT wanted to make sure they were supporting the legacy of Humboldt County and knew the importance of using the highest quality, lab-tested cannabis grown in the heart of Humboldt County on innovative and multi-generational farms.  Their terpene profiles originate from Humboldt-grown cannabis, reflecting the terroir influence of this legendary cannabis growing region. HMBLDT works with a board of community advisors and their farming partners to give back to the community and want to ensure that any connection to the geography benefits the amazing work the area has done and will continue to do to make the rich, healing compounds of cannabis available to those who need it.

HMBLDT pens can be purchased at dispensaries where available and can be deliverable within California. There is a recycling program set up so that when a vape is out, the user can return them to the place they were purchased, which will then be recycled and repurposed by HMBLDT to create new pens. The pens use medical grade plastic on the outside, which is recyclable. The microprocessor and even the battery can be reused in future pens, making the company all the more ‘green.’

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