HitBox is a marketplace for cannabis industry sellers and buyers to transact safely and legally. Driven by data analytics, the company works to provide users with the best information on where to buy and who to buy from in the cannabis community.

CEO and Co-founder Benjamin Wolf started developing HitBox in October of 2014, which then launched in early 2015. He saw the company being a full-scale marketplace for all things cannabis related.

“We’re not just showing cannabis THC products, were going across the line to CBD, all types of THC products, vaporizer products, supplies, etc,” Wolf says. The company screens both buyers and sellers of these products for legal compliance in the industry, business licensing, and makes sure both sides have permits for distribution.

They also work to make sure that the products purchased get delivered securely through the company so that users know where and when their products are getting picked up and dropped off.

Right now, the HitBox team is working on growing so that they are servicing not just dispensary shops and sellers, but also growers and all businesses that serve the cannabis industry.

The company operates out of California and Colorado but is actively working to expand into Washington and Oregon markets, and soon Nevada. Wolf says that they have a physical sales team that works to get businesses to join the platform and develop discussion to grow both excitement and user engagement within HitBox.

To help grow the excitement, Wolf’s team also looks at data analytics to help HitBox users know what to buy and sell to make the most profit.

“We can actually consult businesses from an overall market perspective versus how they’re individual business is operating,” Wolf said. With that data HitBox can provide product information from a more intelligent standing, knowing what is selling well, what is trending, and what people should be adding to their retail lines.

Wolf hopes that HitBox will soon go national and wants to have sales teams set up in every state to help spread the word about the company and how well it connects buyers and sellers in the cannabis industry. For more information visit hitbx.com.

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