HighNoon: Meet the Founders of Jetty Sushi

This month on HighNoon Live, we got to hang with Daniel and Brandon, founders of Jetty Sushi! Watch as they make infused sushi LIVE in the DCN studio.

What is High Noon?

Each month we will be inviting founders to join us LIVE. They will be participating in a variety of activities, while YOU, the viewers get to ask them a variety of questions. This is your chance to get to know more about the founders, their business and any questions you may have on the industry!

What is Jetty Sushi?

We are a cannabis Sushi catering company based out of San Diego sponsored by Jetty extracts. We are able to bring our mobile sushi bar anywhere across California and personally cater to you at any private event. We provide the experience you desire, offering a customizable menu and dosage per piece!

Meet the Founders:

Daniel Robles: I have lived in San Diego all my life and I’ve been a sushi catering chef for 3 years and just recently got picked up by MIND TRICKS TOFFEE as well. I got into cannabis around the end of high school simply through curiosity and has helped me express myself as a creative and fun individual, whether it is through school, sports, traveling, or cooking!

Brandon Greenwell: Coming from a military family I have traveled several places around the country but have lived in San Diego for the last 12 years. Cannabis continues to aid me in my journey to grow as an individual, and it has certainly brought me to meet many outstanding people from all over.

Partnership with Jetty Extracts

Jetty Extracts offers clean, simple, and cutting-edge ways to consume high-end, solvent-free cannabis extracts. In 2013 we introduced one of the first cannabis vaporizer pens to the medical market. Today we offer a wide range of CO2 extracted products containing 100% pure, organic cannabis. Our flagship products include the Jetty Gold CO2 oil cartridge, Jetty Pure CO2 oil cartridge, Pure CBD oil, and the Dablicator, a direct-dabbing device filled with our CO2 wax concentrate.

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