HIGHNOON: Ice Cream Challenge with B Edibles and PuffPuffPassCo

HighNoon: Ice Cream Challenge

This month we have invited Leighlani of PuffPuffPass Co. and Vanessa of B-Edibles.

What is High Noon? Each month we will be inviting founders to join us LIVE. They will be participating in a variety of challenging activities, while YOU, the viewers get to ask them a variety of questions. This is your chance to get to know more about the founders, their business and any questions you may have on the industry!

The Challenge: Who can make the best ice cream dish

Meet the Founders:

Meet Vanessa of B Edibles.

B-Edibles officially launched February of this year with our organic cotton candy infused with cannabis and this month introduced micro-dosed sugar cubes. B-edibles’s mission is to create great-tasting, sweet, organic edibles while building a diverse cannabis community that embraces and promotes individuality. Since we launched early this year we have received two 1st place, one 2nd place and 3rd place for Best Edible.
Before “Be” I was managing a local brewery and coffee roasting company here in San Diego. I believe that B will help with breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis with its colorful approach specifically in the Hispanic community. What better way to do it than with sweet edibles that make you smile.

About B edibles: Debuting just in time for California’s legalization of marijuana, San Diego-based B-Edibles is changing the way we are getting elevated.

The cotton candy is made with organic ingredients, organic cane sugar and lab-tested C02 oil allowing those sensitive or intimidated by smoking to enjoy a delightful edible guilty free.

Meet Leighlani of PuffPuff PassCo.

PuffPuffPassCo was launched in late 2015 by my partner and I to express cannabis culture through photography, art, apparel, and philanthropy. Since launching we’ve been featured in such publications as; Hightimes, The Kindland, Leafly, and Massroots to name just a few. Before jumping into the cannabis industry I was teaching Martial Arts in Orange County for 7 years. I have a passion for cannabis, food, photography, and traveling.

About PuffPuffPassCo: PUFFPUFFPASSCO.™ was launched in late 2015 to express cannabis culture through art, apparel, accessories, and philanthropy. They are also dedicated to curating hand crafted cannabis culture content.

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