HIGH NOON: Founder of WoahStork and Highland Pantry Build a Bong Challenge

Direct Cannabis Network’s NEW facebook LIVE series, HIGH NOON!

What is High Noon? Each month we will be inviting founders to join us LIVE. They will be participating in a variety of challenging activities, while YOU, the viewers get to ask them a variety of questions. This is your chance to get to know more about the founders, their business and any questions you may have on the industry!

This month we have invited Nicco, CEO of WoahStork and Suzanne, CEO of Highland Pantry.

The Challenge: Who can make the most creative bong out of fruits and vegetables.

Thank you to our flower sponsors: Southwest Patient Group 

Meet the founders:

Nicco Reggente is the CEO at WoahStork — the online cannabis marketplace. While finishing up his Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience at UCLA, Nicco helped found WoahStork, leveraging his machine learning skills to help cannabis patients find the right products. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Nicco went to NYU for Psychology and Philosophy and currently lives in Santa Monica, CA.

Suzanne is the founder of Highland Pantry. Highland Pantry offers patients organic, gluten-free, low dose THC and CBD wellness edibles for the health-conscious consumer. Compliant in sunny LA, Ca. A few years ago, my mom rediscovered the benefits of Cannabis to help her cope with debilitating migraines. Realizing how she was benefiting from this amazing plant, an idea took hold. I had been working to build a gourmet, small batch gluten-free baked-goods brand called Rosewood Pantry and realized there was a real opportunity for products with the same integrity in the Cannabis space.

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