HIGH NOON: Founder Face Off Sushi Rolling Challenge

Direct Cannabis Network’s NEW Facebook LIVE series, HIGH NOON!

What is High Noon? Each month we will be inviting founders to join us LIVE. They will be participating in a variety of challenging activities, while YOU, the viewers get to ask them a variety of questions. This is your chance to get to know more about the founders, their business and any questions you may have on the industry!

This month we have invited Keira, creator of the Cannabis Pot and Tyler, President of G. Randall & Sons.

The High Noon Challenge: Who can make the best sushi rolls

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Wondering how you can learn more about the Cannabis Pot? Go to www.thecannabispot.com

Wondering how you can get involved in Tyler’s crowd-funding campaign? You can go to https://fundanna.com/equity/offer-summary/115-G.-Randall-and-Sons,-Inc.-California-92014

Meet the founders:

Meet Keira Fae Sumimoto: Keira spent 7yrs in Japan and immersed herself in the culture and it’s traditional foods, learning techniques and products directly from Tokyo’s chefs and bakers.
Back in the U.S., she continues her passion for baking working in a French Bakery in Portland, OR and started a gluten free wholesale company in California. After moving to California Keira became ill and discovered the medicinal benefits of cannabis.
This leads her to specialize in edibles and collaborate with Weedmaps and film step by step how-to infuse and cook with Cannabis videos, “Cooking With Keira”. She later partnered with MindStream Studio, to make a web series focusing on Cannabis Education called ‘The CannabisPot” among others.
As a Cannabis Chef and Educator, she believes in healthy alternatives, micro dosing, and the consumption of raw cannabis.
“I believe it is imperative that patients know what they are putting into their bodies and understand what Cannabis can do for their overall health”.

Meet Tyler Strause: Tyler Strause is the Founder and President of G. Randall and Sons, Inc. (GR&S). Its mission is to develop and market botanical health products from hemp. Tyler leveraged his prior expertise in the analysis and extraction of medicinal cannabis to develop Cannaka’s proprietary formulation and the main ingredient in Randy’s Remedy products. Randy’s Remedy products are produced from legal, industrial hemp containing naturally occurring cannabinoids and enriched with natural plant terpenes and other botanical ingredients. He is responsible for the product development, manufacturing, production, quality control, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction.
Prior to founding GR&S, Tyler gained experience and knowledge of advanced botanical extraction and analytical techniques alongside Ph.D. analytical and physical chemists. In 2012 Tyler founded Randy’s Club, a California non-profit serving the needs of qualified patients participating in the California State Medical Marijuana Program. He conducted extensive research on the antitumor effects of cannabinoids and became a “subject matter expert”, ultimately producing RC 1:1, a medicinal marijuana product. Through Randy’s Club, Tyler has helped many patients find relief with RC 1:1 under the California Medical Marijuana program.
Tyler served as a board member of the Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access (ARMA). ARMA works with local elected officials, patients, and community stakeholders to build a broad consensus around the principles of safe, affordable access to medical marijuana for qualified patients in San Diego and it’s surrounding communities. In addition, he was the manager at the first legally licensed dispensary in San Diego County, participating in start-up activities, ensuring compliance with regulations, and serving qualified customers. Tyler also worked at UC Davis Cancer Center’s regulatory affairs office, San Diego Hospice Education, and Research Department, and Aspire, an independent Institutional Review Board.
Tyler Strause graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the University of California at Davis.

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