As the legalization of cannabis gains momentum, dispensaries and collectives now carry a variety of delivery methods for consumers. Many people who use cannabis now have the opportunity to find relief from the flower itself, but concentrates and edibles are also showing to be quite effective for consumers. Cannabis is growing up, and because of all the testing and research that is going into the plant, the population’s opinion on marijuana is changing. More and more people are finding relief with cannabis, making issues that weren’t previously considered before coming to light: like storage.

Many people store their product in a plastic sandwich bag or plastic container, but what these consumers don’t know is that storing your cannabis this way isn’t very responsible. Your herb can stale, not to mention that your stash is probably in a shoebox in your closet. As the variety of cannabis users continues to grow, those who are professionals, parents, and connoisseurs of the plant need a better way to store their goods. Cannabis consumers are expecting the best possible experience when it comes to smoking, and the Apothecarry Case is delivering exactly that.

The Apothecarry Case is an all-in-one storage box for your herb. It’s designed to keep your product locked away and private while keeping your stash fresh. With it’s luxurious aesthetic, the Apothecarry Case is a must-have for adult smokers who are trying to escape the negative stigma associated with cannabis. The makers of the Apothecarry Case have worked very hard to provide a storage solution for professionals who use cannabis, making a product that is truly innovative. This high-end case is engineered to keep your product at it’s freshest while keeping quality, functionality, and style in mind.

The Apothecarry Case is made from high-quality hardwood and is designed to hold everything you need to smoke, all in one place. The most impressive part? It features a dual combination and key lock to keep your products safe. The Apothecarry case is also airtight with two separate sections for your smoking products keeping odors from resin and pipes away from your fine herbs. It’s almost like this thing can’t get any better.

But it can.

The Apothecarry Case was made for the every day connoisseur, and you can tell that everything in the case has been considered. They even think of things you may not have thought of on your own: like a rolling tray and grinder. Included is four air-tight jars that keep humidity at 62%, which is great for cannabis, tobacco, or herb use. You can write on the jar to label it and even re-write when you need to! You’ll also get four silicone dab jars and metal dabber for your concentrate and wax usage. Wow-ee.

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