As cannabis emerges from the gray areas of legality, entrepreneurs in the industry are finding unique and innovative ways to showcase their products and companies. Cultivators and processors often face difficulty in branding their goods, with flower and concentrates being displayed at retail locations in generic jars, and packaging requirements that can make it difficult to display company names and logos on the final product. Advertising outlets are limited, and handing out samples of the product is about to become much more complicated for producers participating in the adult use market. Cannabis consumption in most public venues is still not allowed in states with legal adult use, making it a challenge to organize cannabis-themed events for large groups of people.

All of this creates the opportunity for companies like HiFi Farms to get creative with their marketing, and truly connect with their consumers through unique, private events tailored to the cannabis community. Along with sponsoring various cannabis-themed events throughout Portland, the team at HiFi are hosting a series of private house concerts which they have dubbed “Live at HiFi Farms.” Founded by a group of friends who mostly relocated to Portland from the music scene in Athens, Georgia, HiFi Farms is now bringing their musical influence and premium medical cannabis to the Oregon community. These shows are intimate events, held at the historical McCormick Mansion, a 100-year-old craftsman in the heart of SE Portland.

The headliner for the first “Live At HiFi Farms” event was Lera Lynn, a singer-songwriter whose haunting voice was showcased on Season 2 of True Detective, and the second show featured Will Johnson of Centro-matic and Monsters of Folk. For the latest show in October, HiFi Farms partnered with Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge to bring Patterson Hood, frontman for the Drive-By Truckers. Hood played an outstanding acoustic set, with a mix of songs from throughout his career, and some new material from the Drive-By Truckers new album, “It’s Great To Be Alive!”  The raw, poignant vocals were blended perfectly with the smooth Sweet Island Skunk flower that was complimentary for guests, cultivated by HiFi Farms. There was an atmosphere of deep appreciation among the guests, both for the musical talent of Hood, and gratitude for the cannabis that brought everyone together.

Stay tuned for information on the next “Live at HiFi Farms” show here on DCN, and for more information on their products and events, you can follow HiFi on Twitter, Instagram, and on their website.

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