HERB, A Canadian cannabis tech company has raised $4.1 million in seed funding. The round was led by media veterans Lerer Hippeau Ventures, along with Slow Ventures, Michael Lazerow, Shopify CEO Tobi Luke, Shopify COO Harley Finklestein, Bullpen Capital, Adam Zeplain and hall-of-fame quarterback Joe Montana’s Liquid 2 Ventures.

HERB original started in New Zealand when two web developers (Lucas Young and Daniel Crothers) decided to build a website called “The Stoner’s Cookbook”, providing viewers with high-quality recipes which were user generated. In 2014, Matt Gray joined the team and quickly helped scaled the company. As the company grew, they started covering a variety of topics; highlighting medical topics, information on strains, news, and videos. With their mission to help educate and change the stigma behind cannabis, they realized the brand was not fitting with their growth. They released their book, “Herb; Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis” which soon led them to the rebrand and name change to HERB.

HERB was officially established in 2016, becoming a  global cannabis media company, focusing on producing original news, entertainment, and video. They connect cannabis consumer and businesses by creating trustworthy content that allows their visitors to find local dispensaries, products, and strain recommendations. To date, the company has more than 5.3 million unique monthly visitors and 200 million video views per month.

With this seed round, Gray is looking to use these funds to build out new studios to ramp up their efforts on video production to create more content while also seeking to focus on expansion efforts in the United States, specifically to Los Angeles and New York City.

One thing I would like to highlight, when Gray spoke with Techcrunch, he told them they are more than just a digital media website. “We don’t see ourselves as just a website. We were always setting out to build a technology platform.”

HERB may soon be looking at becoming a cannabis marketplace, where consumers would go to for anything cannabis; including having cannabis delivered to your home within minutes. Until then, it looks like they will keep us all entertained, with new content, like their new weekly video series, Smoke Sessions, which launched earlier in August.

Meet the Founding Team:

Matt Gray, CEO

Lucas Young, CTO

Daniel Crothers, COO

To learn more about HERB, you can visit

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