Kanesis – an Italian based company creating a cost-effective and environmentally safe filament alternative to 3D printers. HBP, HempBioPlastic, is a hemp derived filament that is used in the 3D printing market. Founders Antonio Caruso and Giovanni Milazzo see the potential in the durable properties associated with hemp, and in 2015 submitted an Italian patent application on their new biocomposite, and in 2016 filed for an international application.

HempBioPlastic or HBP for short is one of the first biodegradable polymers derived from industrial hemp waste. HBP resembles a wood texture, it is a brown filament used in 3D printers to ensure the production of great products with no environmental impact. Why create a polymer out of hemp? For starters, hemp is a weed, it can be grown in any condition, and consumes minimal resources. There are various opportunities to utilize hemp for production extending from clothing, bioplastics to ropes.

HBP’s initial testing shows the material to be 20% lighter and 30% stronger than PLA (Polylactic Acid), the most common type of bioplastic currently used on the market. The costs and end results of HBP look promising for manufacturers looking to save on production costs and for those considering a more eco-friendly material.

Want to learn more about this company?  http://www.kanesis.eu/en/

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