The leading provider in the legal cannabis industry offering integrated operating solutions. Helix TCS  (OTCMKTS:HLIX) has announced its acquisition of Cannabase.  Cannabase is the oldest and largest wholesale platform in the industry.

This will allow Helix TCS to expand its technology operations quickly in the emerging cannabis market as well as improve the benefits for their client’s with Cannabase’s wholesale marketplace, data services, and archives as well as with its unique suite of interactive features.

CEO of Helix TCS stated, “ This supports our mission to provide a compliant, integrated operating solutions to our clients.”  

Cannabase was designed in 2013 providing a seed-to-sale marketing and sales tool for the emerging cannabis industry, which represents over 72% of all cannabis licenses in colorado. With this acquisition, Cannabase will be a subsidiary of Helix TS and will continue to fulfill its mission of helping licensed cannabis businesses buy and sell the wholesale product more efficiently and with less risk, ensuring a higher ROI throughout all stages of the supply chain.

“The partnership with Helix TCS will help Cannabase offer fully integrated sales and delivery options to Cannabase’s client base, while Helix TCS strategic partnerships act as a force multipliers for Cannabase’s existing and soon to be announce technology solutions.” Jennifer Beck, Cannabase co-founder and Managing Director.

With the oldest, largest and most liquid cannabis exchange on the market, this acquisition is expected to improve the availability of actionable data, interactive advertising tools and robust inventory control solutions for the cannabis industry.

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