Holly Alberti-Evan’s startup Healthy Headie Lifestyle is targeting their cannabis products for the baby boomer demographic. The Boulder, Colorado company is hiring aspiring businessmen and women to apply as an Independent Consultant for the team. The company’s new approach to marketing canna-products is attracting investor attention.

“We call it the ‘Mary Kay of mary jay,’” Alberti-Evans said. “People over the age of 50 are canna-curious. We’ve had people approach us and say ‘I haven’t consumed in 30 years.’ They don’t know where to find the product or what devices to use… And so we thought, Tupperware parties. Let’s show them what to use and how to use it.”

Alberti-Evans is a graduate of CanopyBoulder- the Colorado-based 13-week boot camp for ancillary businesses. As part of CanopyBoulder, the startup received $20,000 in seed money with Canopy taking a 9.5 percent stake in the company’s equity.

Canopy’s latest “semester” will be ushered in with a demo on November 18th at eTown Hall. Micah Tapman is managing director of CanopyBoulder. “The whole reason we formed is to help mature the industry. “It wasn’t ready for investment,” Tapman said. Tech guys, they have MBAs, they’ve worked for a Fortune 500 company. In the cannabis startup space, they are amazing people, but not necessarily amazing entrepreneurs.”

Boulder County is home to 46 grow ops, 25 cannabis retail outlets, 14 edibles manufacturers, and a licensed testing facility- a great place to start a canna-business.

Alberti-Evans hopes to learn the skills needed in order to keep her company afloat. “This is the green rush,” Alberti-Evans said, “Entrepreneurs want people to have the resources they need.” Healthy Headie lifestyle won Best Pitch Award at ArcView Denver in 2015, and was nominated for “Most Innovative Service” for the Colorado region from the CannAwards.

Watch Healthy Headie Lifestyle’s promo here.

Become an Independent Consultant for Healthy Headie Lifestyle here.

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