Coffee and Cannabis: Health and Wellness with Cannabis

On this week of Coffee and Cannabis, the topic was health and wellness. Adelia, Cara and Roni were joined by guest of the week, Heather Hoffman, Founder of Pura Vida Health.

About Pura Vida Health

Pura Vida Health is a medicinal cannabis company dedicated to offering the highest grade medication for healing mind, body, and soul.

The key to happiness and healing is what we put in our bodies. Not only is it important to know specifically what ingredients you are ingesting, but also the source in which they came from. Pura Vida promises the highest standard of food grade that our current market offers.

Conceived with all organic, vegan, and gluten-free non-GMO, and the third party tested ingredients- creating the ULTIMATE SUPERFOOD. Delicious too! We infused award-winning, delicious recipes of granolas, trail mixes, and protein bars, specifically formulated to encourage the body’s natural state of healing.

Meet Heather Hoffman

Heather Hoffman is a Co-Founder of the business Puravida Health, an all-natural cannabis product. She is also a certified Holistic Nutritionist and has a degree in natural healing. Heather has over 60 K followers on Instagram and 821 posts on her personal page. Her Puravida Health page is directly linked to her personal Instagram account and has over 14 K Instagram followers with over 800 posts all about the company’s values, product, and services. Heather’s company services to medical marijuana to those who are in need of it.

Heather’s business started when a close friend of hers was diagnosed with stage four cancer. This was her ‘sign’ to start a company where she would have the power to help people struggling with medical illnesses reduce their pain reception. However, an interesting fact about Heather is that she struggled with Epilepsy for most of her life. It was not until she started to use medicinal marijuana that she was able to prevent herself from having seizures.

In a recent trip to the neurologist’s office, she was able to discover that her brain had healed completely. Having struggled most of her life with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Epilepsy, medical cannabis provided her with an all-natural solution for a lifetime of happiness. Her company’s mandate is to provide people with superfoods to create a healing method to medicating and feeding their bodies. Currently, her business has 100 retailers, works out of 8 cities, has 9 different delivery services, and 7 flavors.

Her business works out of California in the United States of America where weed is legal for production and purchase. Her store locations are based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, and more.

Adelia Carrillo, Founder of Direct Cannabis Network
Cara Luhring, Founder of Femme Nuri
Roni Stetter, Founder of Righteous Relations

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