Headset, a leading cannabis market and business intelligence platform from the creators of Leafly, has closed $2.5 Million in financing from Hypur Ventures and Salveo Capital.

Created in 2015 after founders Brian Wansolich, Cy Scott and Scott Vickers moved on from the marijuana strain and dispensary database Leafly, Headset seeks to provide a suite of analytics products to help businesses better understand their data with actionable insights. One is specifically designed for dispensaries and retailers in mind while the other seeks to provide insights into the industry as a whole (e.g. growers, product manufacturers, ancillary services and even investors).

In an interview with GeekWire, CEO Cy Scott stated, “A lot of people don’t have visibility on what brands are out there and how well they sell. If a company in Colorado wants to expand to Nevada, we can tell them which retailers they should be working with or how well existing product manufacturing brands are doing. We give them those insights before they go and tackle new opportunities — a lot of them are flying pretty blind out there.”

For retailers, Headset provides real-time analytics on inventory levels, sales trends, pricing suggestions, consumer insights and a host of other point-of-sale insights.

In September 2016, Headset partnered with MassRoots to serve as the foundation for their product review system as well as integrate with their existing analytics dashboards. A similar partnership was reached in November 2016 with LivWell. According to Scott, their platform is currently tracking over $65 million worth of cannabis transaction information.

Headset plans to use the funding to accelerate development and adoption of its products across all legal cannabis markets.

See interview on DCNTV with Cy Scott at the New West Summit in 2015 when Headset launched. Watch Video Here.


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