People make several mistakes when they first start growing plants indoors. For example, they either get the incorrect lights, forget to water the plant, or don’t cultivate the plant for long enough. Grobo One Smart Grow Box is the solution to growing plants indoors from the experienced to the most inexperienced person, each will feel like they can grow like a pro.

The purpose of the Grobo is to assist with growing your plant as effortlessly as possible. The ability to grow vegetables, herbs, fruit, greens, and just about any plant of your choosing is now available for your convenience. As the grower, you are able to pick the best growing conditions for your plants from their database of cultivation recipes, customize your own recipe, or create your own. Grobo monitors your plants and ensures they’re always watered and fed, even when you’re not there.

How does Grobo work?

The Grobo does all the work for you! The optimized LED lights cover an eight color spectrum and mimics sunrise and sunset which causes your plant to grow faster and healthier. There’s a built-in temperature and humidity control that guarantees your plants are constantly at the right temperature. The fluid glass switches from transparent to opaque so you are able to see your plants, but it also gives the plants the darkness they need to grow properly. The carbon filter will keep the odor at bay.

The Grobo App

The Grobo also comes with an app that allows you to stay connected with your plants. The user can track the plant’s growth, get live information about its condition, and be alerted when it’s time for harvest. Another neat feature, the user is put into a community of growers, where there is a forum where all members are able to share their growing achievements with others, compare plant stats, or swap cultivation recipes, and growing tips. The app offers an advanced mode to customize your system. The user is able to modify each individual grow setting to the desired preference, for example, the lights.

Maintenance on the Grobo?

The Grobo requires very little maintenance. The unit will send the user a notification when it is time to top off the water and replace the nutrients. Every few months it is recommended that the user flushes out the water tanks which is a simple five-minute process that keeps your Grobo clean.

How long do plants grow for?

The length of the plant growth depends on the type of the plant you are growing. Typically, it takes 2-3 months if the user is growing the plant from a seed. If the user is growing from a plant cutting, the growth cycle is usually 1 ½ to two months.

The yield the Grobo produces depends on the type of cannabis you are growing, however through Grobo testing they noted that from seed the yield is two ounces in four months, from cutting the yield is approximately two ounces in two months, and from auto flower seeds approximately one ounce in two months.

How much does Grobo cost?

On average, the user saves about $900-$1,000 a year using the Grobo as opposed to buying cannabis. A Grobo costs $1,499.

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