Green Labs in Denver is the first cannabis-related work space in the United States where startups work together in a communal area. The Green Labs founders believe that working in a cohabitation with other startups is the wave of the future.

The company launched on May 15th, 2014 with the first round of eight startups. Founders Dave Pike and Michael Looney were former entrepreneurs involved with a party trolley company and AltSpaceNY.

With four dozen desks and two private offices, Pike believes he can fit as many as 35 startups in his work space. Green Labs calls itself a startup incubator.

“Co-working is redefining the way startups begin and grow. At Green Labs, we cater to the new a rapidly expanding cannabis industry precipitated by the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado. Our members work side-by-side with other entrepreneurs, attract venture capital and private funding through our investment arm, The Denver Angels, and learn best practices in digital marketing, programming and legal strategy,” the company stated.

Most recently, defense attorney Molly Jansen offered a demonstration at the iBake Lounge in Colorado. Colorado imposes a 5 nano-gram-per-milliliter (ng/ml) limit for THC in impaired drivers. Jansen’s demonstration taught volunteers how much varying amounts of cannabis impaired their driving abilities. The demonstration helped educate users how much cannabis they can consume and safely drive.

Green Labs offers various events including Bend & Blaze: A Higher Yoga Experience. It’s a cannabis-infused yoga experience. Bend & Blaze caters to “all levels Vinyasa, with cannabis parings designed to complement your practice.” Participants must be 21+ with a valid ID.

Co-working is a new trend, but selecting a niche market is important for success. Green Labs is focusing on cannabis-only businesses. “There’s a lot of competition out there for co-working spaces,” Pike told the Denver Post. “You kind of evolve into other industries.”

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