Bianca Green is the founder of Spark The Conversation, a site dedicated to empowering and educating people to build a voice to end the War on Drugs. She works with many voices in the cannabis community to promote efforts to end the stigma associated with the plant.

Founded in 2014, Spark the Conversation has been actively recruiting on various social media outlets to spread the good word about cannabis. Her mission behind all of this was to engage, empower, and evolve compassionate people through actionable causes to help end the drug war and Green’s recent efforts in California have fostered a community up and down the state through the promotion of a tour bus that travels to major cities to speak to eager crowds looking to help.

The bus tour targeted specific cities in California that allowed them to connect and speak with growers, patients, and dispensaries alike to help boost involvement in the conversation around cannabis. Green also spoke at universities such as UCLA in order to gauge young adult audiences’ view on cannabis. Through Speak the Conversation, communities will finally engage in the necessary dialogue needed to begin de-stigmatizing cannabis.

Bianca (f.k.a Barnhill) is not just an advocate but also an entrepreneur, and the Executive Producer of the acclaimed documentary, “The Culture High.” Green’s previous career was as a fashion model for much of her life before being diagnosed with cancer in 2004. The diagnosis pushed Green to investigate the medicinal benefits of cannabis and how cannabis could be an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for treatment. Through her own cannabis experience and with her celebrity connections, Green has been able to gain traction and support for Spark The Conversation. Some key prominent figures that helped along the way were Snoop Dogg, Bill Maher, and B-Real who all have aided in acquiring a following and bringing attention to the conversation.

Green’s team is all about spreading the word and sparking the conversation however possible. Whether it is to donating to the cause on their site or launching social media campaigns on how cannabis has empowered one’s life. Spark the Conversation gives light to an ongoing conversation seen throughout the country as many states move to legalize recreational and medical cannabis in the recent election.

We caught up with Bianca recently to talk about her journey with Spark the Conversation and her most recent campaign.

Read the full interview below:

What made you decide to launch Spark the Conversation?

I have been a patient & advocate for almost a decade and I feel like the conversation is the most important part of the puzzle to change in regards to ending the drug war.

In 2010, we set out to change the social stigma of cannabis and the people who use it. Our mission was to help both the patients and consumers. We wanted to educate them on becoming advocates and the importance of pushing for the freedom of the plant. The one thing we wanted to make sure was that the consumer, businesses, and entrepreneurs knew the impact that they also have by helping through support and by also being a voice with the advocates. Because in reality, the advocates are simply overworked and underpaid. This was why we set out on the most recent campaign traveling up and down California as I felt like the message of advocacy was so important this election year.

You traveled for week’s on end, all over California, can you give us a peek into the journey?                                                    

We did a bus tour with 22 stops all over CA and met patients, business owners, and consumers. Everyone came out to share their stories about what drug policy reform and freedom means to them and some people said it was like therapy to them.

What was your personal experience like?                                   

It is always amazing to hear people’s stories of triumph and struggle. It is that reminder of the importance of what we are doing and that this is a war we are fighting to end and patients deserve peace.

We followed your journey via social media and it was inspiring to see the impact and how you all brought the community together. What do you feel were the most rewarding accomplishments during this campaign?                                                          

Well honestly, first we accomplished making it thru 22 days of being on the road 🙂 But seriously, we brought a community voice to the table that hopefully helped shed the light on the issues surrounding drug policy reform and personal freedom.

We are excited to see what is coming up next from Spark the Conversation, can you give us a peek into 2017?                      

In 2017 we have lined up sponsorships with media outlets that we are creating content with along with events to raise awareness and funding for the organizations that are leading the change and helping shape policy for the industry.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to those coming into the cannabis industry?

Be advocates first! It’s your duty to having the freedom to consume, or to create products that people will be able to legally use. The first thing I ask clients or people when they come into the industry is if they have ever donated to any organizations that are helping lead the change. To be honest, that is the most important part of the journey. The war is still real, and it’s taken a new shape since so many states are legalizing recreational use and we must have social responsibility in our business models. At the end of the day Cannabis won’t legalize itself. 

To learn more, check out Spark The Conversation’s website.

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