Grassp is a single technology solution, built to empower Patients with safe access to trusted Doctors and regulated Service Providers lawfully licensed to deliver premium Medical Cannabis on-demand. Grassp is meant to provide transparency, connectivity and accountability across all parties from entry to point of sale through use of advanced communications tools, process automation, direct feedback mechanisms and real-time analytics that regional support teams utilize to make continuous improvements across the chain of operations.

CJ Moebius and David Johnson are the owners of Grassp, and even though they had their fair share of doubters, they started the company in 2014 and it has since turned into a million-dollar company.

They saw technology trends in digital marketing and on-demand e-commerce communications and saw it was a perfect fit for the cannabis industry. They wanted to build a professional brand that not only embodied the cultural struggle, but also put a safe and transparent delivery solution within Grassp.

Located in Los Angeles, they now have 15 employees and another office in San Diego. Grassp is an on-demand communications and logistics technology within the regulated Cannabis market. Valid patients can safely order premium Cannabis products to their house sourced from regulated dispensaries that operate in accordance with state-municipal safe access guidelines. The mission is to set the standard of excellence by providing delivery experience for their customers to put a better industry within Grassp.

Like most other successful businesses, there are some bumps in the road to getting Grassp into the hands of patients who could been fit from their services. They found that some people did not support them due to the type of industry they were going into and to the lack of valid information or education on the industry and the medicinal benefit.

In addition, it took them a year to get the ball rolling because they were learning the legal framework. They took a legal, moral, and ethical stand in deploying their delivery technology which at the time which made it more difficult to compete with those that have illegal or unlicensed delivery services.

However, all of these obstacles does very little to stifle their pursuit to growing Grassp. With their determination and the positive support system from others in their networks, they grew to serve thousands of customers, won Certificate of Appreciation by ASA, been featured in credible news sources such as TechCrunch , Business Insider, The Boston Globe, Pittsburgh Gazette, LA Times, and more, and have made $1.8 million.

Moebius and Johnson believe that with education, presentation, and resolving the sometimes uncomfortable process of obtaining cannabis legally, the people who doubted them and more will begin to change their minds about cannabis. They believe that in order to move beyond the negative stigma, they need to understand the outdated terminology and imagery that holds the industry back. People need to have open conversations about it and highlight the valid medical benefits of cannabis. Their hypothesis is that people are turning to cannabis because they don’t trust the pharmaceutical companies and cannabis offers them a safer and cleaner alternative to prescription drugs. They believe they will be validated once more scientific information about the positive effects of Cannabis.

CJ Moebius and David Johnson are also optimistic about the future of cannabis businesses. With all the scientifically proven stats about how cannabis is helping with depression, chronic pain, and more, it is offering people a safer alternative than pills. Several states are starting to get onboard with either recreational or medical cannabis programs, and businesses that show scalability under distinct branding will legally lead the way and open more doors. They are focused on expanding Grassp and its service capabilities throughout California and other states that have recreational or medical Cannabis programs.

Who is CJ Moebius and David Johnson outside of Grassp? Currently, Moebius’ favorite artist is The Magician and he enjoys travelling, hiking, djing, mentoring, and spending time with his loved ones. You can find car enthusiast Johnson listening to “feel good music” while being active, living healthy, and travelling.

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